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The way you gain people's trust is to earn it over time by repeatedly proving that you deserve it.
This book is too small to make a completely persuasive argument, but its findings deserve further examination and discussion.
But those, like the correspondent, who did object raised important concerns that deserve attention.
You really do deserve a Knighthood for your invention.
Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.
They don't deserve much respect yet, he said.
Better deserve honor and not have it, than have it and not deserve it.
They deserve to see how strong they are.
Those concerns deserve a forthright response.
Landscape architects are design professionals and deserve the same respect as architects.
Your best chance for getting a raise is to deserve it.
These innovators deserve all the support and encouragement they can get.
The flowers shown at these conferences deserve a better format to show their beauty.
It's awful that puppies and dogs are not being give the treatment which they deserve.
Americans deserve better, and in this city today, there are people who want to do better.
Virtue, opening heaven to those who do not deserve to die, makes her course by paths untried.
Those images deserve the magazine or newspaper they were in, and their ability to connect to people ends there.
The devastated people of this proud country deserve no less.
By your actions you show that you don't deserve any respect, and that you are offensive, uncultured and boorish.
Students deserve the truth, and scholarly-press editors deserve thoughtful submissions.
Campus students today deserve a way to review lectures, and distance students need a high-quality lecture capture.
So many insightful comments that deserve more attention and response.
To add to the grievance, many executives did not seem to deserve such rewards.
The prattling pedlars of positivism deserve to be mocked.
These more pragmatic sorts argue that they deserve the chance to prove that they are sincere in espousing pluralistic politics.
It's easy to see why they do not deserve a public subsidy.
Yet their victims still deserve the world's support.
Some of these will deserve answers more than others.
There are now so many business-school lists that they, too, probably deserve a ranking.
Many decisions and actions may have been mistaken and deserve scrutiny, he concedes.
Convicted criminals deserve harsh punishment, minus the many perks they receive now.
Also a lot of rich folks, whether they deserve to own the art pieces or not, do not live in the city.
The inflammatory ills of loneliness, an enzymatic explanation for stuttering and the alchemists who deserve a fair shake.
He thinks that even pro-Western autocracies that fail to reform deserve to die.
Here are some who deserve more and some who deserve less.
The problem is that not everybody does deserve a say.
Voters need to know about candidates' character and judgment, yet generally candidates deserve a presumption of privacy.
Drug companies deserve high profits on new drugs to encourage invention and risk-taking.
Anonymous is here to ensure punishment does not go unserved to those who deserve it.
After a few relaxing days of vacation, you'll suddenly know which new ideas deserve more time and which need to be abandoned.
But he does not deserve to be more powerful than the president.
It's fine to pick on people who can defend themselves and deserve it.
Rarely does an architect's published theorizing deserve much attention.
Ok, society values more extrovert people, and there are introverts who deserve being recognized.
The people who work at addiction centers deserve a smoke free workplace.
Patients deserve more than archaic research performed on chimpanzees.
The only way to successfully lose weight and get the body that you deserve is by using the right information.
Preachers of nonsense in the public square deserve no better treatment.
Those who dish out propaganda deserve to dine on mockery.
For those of you who take care of their elderly parents, you deserve the highest of respect and blessings.
When people make baseless accusations and inflammatory comments then they don't deserve respect, they need to be called on it.
Too sympathetic people deserve probably be regarded with suspicion.
She and all those who care for her deserve unconditional support.
The species of this third rock from the sun don't deserve to run this experiment to conclusion.
The purpose is to exchange ideas, and you deserve better than dealing with trolls whose motive is something other than that.
If the solar industry cannot compete upon its own merits then it does not deserve to continue.
Robots with equal intelligence to humans deserve equal rights.
If they are walking on railroad tracks and not paying attention, then they deserve to die.
If there is someone out there who is doing a better job, they sure are not getting the press they deserve.
True, there are inborn genetic errors and predispositions, it is all unfortunate and deserve funding and research.
Anonymous smoke bombers simply do not deserve the respect due to real scientists.
Don't accept this and you deserve all that happens to you.
The trick is knowing which problems deserve rumination, and which do not.
No, terror suspects did not deserve full prisoner-of-war status.
Such ties matter, and readers deserve to know about them.
It isn't supposed to pay its workers what it thinks they deserve.
Three other candidates deserve serious consideration.
It took champions, in and out of the spotlight, to bring these food cultures the respect and attention they deserve.
There are no shortage of ad campaigns that deserve to be mocked.
But sometimes the people he bombs really deserve it.
Far too few of our nation's undergraduates are getting the educations they want and deserve.
Those views made few converts in their time, and they deserve none today.
His political tracts well deserve to be studied for their literary merit.
The people in this group represent journalism specialist of the highest order who deserve to get paid to write.
There are scary things in space, sure, but it's easy for these things to get amplified beyond what they deserve.
Socially relevant inferences don't deserve less scrutiny than physical ones.
Once you realize that, you stop believing that you deserve the intimidation and start feeling better about yourself.
In the meantime the authors deserve to be put on the defensive and have their professionalism called into question.
The worked up chauvinists didn't deserve more that two or three lines in the comments.
It almost ruins the awesome special effects which deserve better.
Stop focusing on the loose nuts as it elevates them to a stature they do not deserve.
Perhaps you think that all those scientists are part of a conspiracy and therefore their opinions do not deserve consideration.
The planet finder missions are crazy successful and so deserve funding as well.
Oceans have never gotten the attention they deserve, despite the crucial role they play in the world's climate.
Our veterans deserve our thanks, respect and the opportunity to live where they choose free from discrimination.
Our children deserve the best from their teachers and administrators.
All patients deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.
All patients deserve to feel safe and secure when in our care.
Consumers want to know and deserve to know if there is prior damage or a vehicle has no air bags.
People deserve to get paid whatever the market chooses to pay them.
They're beautiful animals that deserve to be respected.
To receive the recognition you deserve depends upon obtaining the favorable opinion of those in charge.
Nevertheless, voters deserve to know more than what a spliced-and-diced commercial suggests.
He doesn't deserve to use a weapon to defend anything.
If you have a camera on your cell phone and you receive a ticket you don't deserve, take pictures to prove your case.

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