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The expansion of the tropics may have profound significance because many deserts are located at the edges of the tropics.
Its territory is being claimed not by invading armies but by expanding deserts.
We discovered a world of mountains and deserts, mysterious cultures, and stark moral choices.
The units would operate best at low humidity and would be best deployed in deserts.
But it will be the deserts that will support the majority of the new homes.
The state's deserts are unique because the saguaro cactus grows only in these deserts.
Amtrak's long-distance routes traverse deserts and mountain ranges.
They mostly live in small villages, widely separated by deserts and connected by several highways and dirt roads.
In this lesson, students will learn about many different animals that live in deserts.
Without trees to fill these roles, many former forest lands can quickly become barren deserts.
Open areas on plains, in deserts, and among piƱon and juniper.
But in many places there is so little precipitation that if it were rain, you would think of these places as deserts.
Look for ways to show the rugged nature and the beauty of deserts.
Small populations extend onto deserts along riparian corridors.
They do not live in deserts or regions where there is permafrost or permanent snow and ice.
The pumps are even solar-powered, a great idea in deserts.
The moon's dry central regions are covered in rippling dunes and arid deserts.
Nearly half of the world's population lives in dry lands, and deserts are expanding.
There are military fronts all around the planet that are deserts.
From the sky, however, satellite beams can sweep over swamps and deserts.
But on a few old pieces of continent, especially in arid deserts, the marks of asteroids have been preserved.
He governed ten thousand monks dispersed in the deserts and monasteries near that town.
Whether a bird deserts or stays depends on how it rates its chances elsewhere.
Countries that have chased away the moneylenders have been artistic deserts.
The plant is a survivor, thriving from marshes to near-deserts.
Scientists have explained how lightning can occur even in the driest deserts.
Rain forests and tundra, deserts and savannas, mountaintops and undersea reefs.
And that's the reason why the rain forests will always have plenty of rain, while deserts almost never rain.
Global warming has increased droughts around the world and turned formerly verdant landscapes into near deserts.
Make no mistake, groundwater has been a boon to civilization, literally allowing us to turn deserts into gardens.
Let them defoliate and turn these poor countries into deserts.
Should those crops be fed to people, they would still be monocultures--environmental deserts themselves.
They are talking about deserts where there is far less humidity.
Several more large solar facilities are planned for our deserts and some are already under construction.
Time and money are wasted transporting fuel across deserts.
But there's no evidence that humans were confined to deserts and forced to eat salty terrestrial plant life in order to survive.
There are at present vast cold deserts that well may become productive.
Deserts of vast eternity, reduced to three inches by two.
She argues that these aren't food deserts, but food hinterlands.
It is a global species, living everywhere but the harshest deserts and the coldest tundra.
Actually using them in non-lab environments, such as deserts or mountains, can result in a higher rate of unexploded ordinance.
Go back to your homes, to your toil, to the populous deserts where your duty lies.
Deserts are his new arena of adventure, since he has climbed practically everything.
He can experience what it means to live in deserts and wastes.
Rugged mountains, creased with sharp canyons and arroyos, overlook vast deserts.
But to use crops will result in turning our farmlands into deserts.
Some of the heart muscle courses with blood, but other areas are deserts of dead tissue without blood vessels.
Weather patterns could shift, bringing drought to once fertile areas and heavy rains to fragile deserts that cannot handle them.
No large armies lying smashed and smoking in the far deserts.
They're forbidding places that are hydrological deserts, and thus biological ones too.
Food deserts are defined as urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.
Because deserts are dry, they are ideal places for human artifacts and fossils to be preserved.
The world's deserts are generally remote, inaccessible, and inhospitable.

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