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Few put eyes on crying trees, warming climate, and desertification of land.
It is understood that deforestation reduces available water and increases desertification.
Where the trees have been cut, the land is often degraded and desertification has set in as topsoil washes away.
Early and current agricultural practises leads to desertification.
And if that happens, it will contribute tremendously to desertification.
Scientists say climate change, misuse of water, and desertification are all contributing to its decline.
Warming will cause desertification and more extreme weather.
They are dying from thirst, hunger and the by-product of desertification.
Call it reverse desertification, the trickle-up theory.
But qat crops are water-intensive, and their cultivation is a reason for the ongoing desertification of the country.
Desertification, population growth and decades of official neglect have made the feuds more intense.
The human causes of desertification and their cures have attracted vast amounts of money and prompted political wrangling.
Obviously there can be more than one cause for warming and desertification.
As the rains increasingly failed to come, the region began undergoing desertification.
Desertification has severely reduced the wetland habitats surrounding the lake, as well as its fishery and grazing lands.
Desertification is land degradation occurring in the arid, semiarid and dry subhumid areas of the world.
Learn about desertification as an indicator of climate change.
Drought, desertification, and strong population growth have undercut the economy.

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