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Example sentences for deserted

Smaller crossing-points were already deserted because of local police agreements.
To make matters worse, when they returned to the refugee camp where the photo was taken, it was completely deserted.
People are venturing on to the recently deserted streets in search of food and water.
They deserted him this time because he so abjectly failed to deliver on those promises.
All the yachts have departed, and the harbor looks quite deserted.
Then eventually what companies have realized was deserted domestic demands for long.
She found the shrine deserted a few years ago, and moved into it.
Plan to spend a day exploring its narrow, eerily deserted alleys.
Much of the military has apparently deserted and armories have been opened.
But please do exercise the same caution you would back home even when walking to your car in a deserted parking lot.
Its brick hulk seems deserted until night falls, when a dim yellow glow emanates from the only intact window on the ground floor.
Aside from cars going by, the streets were deserted.
It was an express elevator, with no stops below the thirty-ninth floor, and the building was deserted.
Also, people get lost mostly on highways, especially on a deserted ones.
Four children encounter magic in the gardens of a great deserted house.
On this occasion, though, both of these virtues had deserted her.
Gangs staked out territory in the nearly deserted building.
Our location is a little deserted, but there's street parking.
Use reasonable precautions, such as hiding cash in a money belt, and avoid walking in deserted areas late at night.
Some officers deserted or accepted government amnesty offers.
The commerce, such as it is, takes place in a muddy square facing these deserted buildings.
Will search for meaning in the dust of long deserted guns.
The village that fills up during the tourist season is deserted, and bleak skies alternate with drizzling rain.
After the management shut the plant to prevent unsold vehicles from filling the factory car park, production lines were deserted.
Whatever political skills he had seem to have deserted him.
But recently people who could deserted the trains for buses, cars and planes.
Much of the normally busy city is deserted, with shops and businesses closed.
Our cities and towns range from the modern to the deserted.
Avoid shortcuts through alleys, vacant lots and other deserted places.
The feeding stations in the backyards were deserted.
The southern flying squirrels live in hollow trees, deserted woodpecker holes, and in buildings or bird houses.
Don't take shortcuts: don't walk in or near alleys, and don't walk on deserted streets.
Native cottonwoods, willows, cattails and bulrush began to appear in previously deserted desert environments.

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