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She sees our approach to food as a kind of behavior, in itself a description of the nuances of character.
His description of his own actions on the night of the speech must be seen in that light.
Go through the job description line by line.
One problem for the early committees was deciding what Nobel had meant by his rather sketchy description of the prizes.
They displayed a minor talent for colorful description but none, alas, for punch lines.
Send us your best travel pics and a trip description of 250 words or less.
The cover letter should include a description of your previous research experience and long-term career goals.
That description is precise and concise.
In the box that opens, enter a name and a description.
Let me really try to give an accurate description.
Her description of the course of her condition is both delightfully quixotic and terribly sad.
The opening description of a Sonoran monsoon is a masterful evocation of weather, vibrant and violent.
They were each asked to write a description of a perfect date with one of these people.
Her impeccable attention to detail, whether in dialogue or description, grounded her work.
The wit and humour lavished on the description of these worthies is extraordinary, and may be exemplified in one or two cases.
The other was a description of an idiot, long a familiar village figure.
Instead of the bing the village geek, you should become the village idiot as it is a more accurate description.
Your description of a transistor only fits bipolar transistors.
Two of the illusions did not really work for me in that the captioned description was not my initial perception.
Afterwards, participants were shown a description of high-end headphones and asked how much they would be willing to pay for them.
Most of what the government is attempting at this time fits that description.
These tasks are more similar than your description implies.
Be sure to include your name, city and a brief description with your pic.
Each student should also write a one-paragraph description of the town, and what impact the disaster had on it.
Little wonder hummingbirds inspire heartfelt affection and stuttering efforts at description.
He gave us a precise physical description of her and said she'd walked off hours earlier.
Add the other symbol to the map key with a description.
OK, fine: if you're in one of those standing-on-your-head countries, flip the description.
The other planets certainly fit my description, and all was well.
There are a lot of stereotypes in that description, but the important thing to note here is that science can be done by anyone.
If you're looking for the back story, you can read my description here.
It may be metaphorical now, but originally it was supposed to be a purely physical description.
The corpse, as noted in my description of a zombie, is in a constant state of decomposition.
There will be a species page for all the mushrooms in the region where you can find an image and a short description.
Such a description doesn't begin to cover the intricacies of the process, but neither would a more technical description.
Despite the attempted clinical detachment of the nurse's description, it was obvious that she was upset, even distraught.
So the science of iceberg tracking is still as much description as prediction.
The description about how he tried to remove some of the skin growths are not for the weak of stomach.
It's also an apt description of the tech sector in his hometown.
The duties listed in this job description are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.
Increasing the size of the pool is not an excuse for a deceptive job description.
But she may need to broaden her description of her interests if she finds herself applying mainly for nonacademic positions.
The transcript below begins with a condensed version of his description of those three characteristics.
Although his supporting sentences are vivid in their description, they are vague and general, not true examples.
The profound illogic of this video defies description.
Include the city and state where the image is taken, and as detailed a description as you're willing to offer.
The guest with the mirthless laugh declared that that was a pretty good description of marriage, period.
And yet to be so intimate with the great other is enriching beyond description.
Gives a description of polio and the way it is communicated.
Writer talks to several people, lists them with a slight description.
Description of a couple of the creations, and the price.
But that's not a bad shorthand description of what's happened to the stock market over the past few weeks.
But there is nothing in the description that shows that this is the case.
It's a simple description of how energy technologies will unfold.
That's not entirely unexpected but it is a step beyond the standard theoretical description of city commuting.
If any metal could qualify as revolutionary, vanadium steel would be the strongest candidate to fit the description.
Your description of k-shells is inaccurate, and in any case you probably meant k-cores.
Nevertheless, this is an impressive first step in the quantum description of muscle behaviour.
Thank you for your informative and well set-out description.
And whereas many measures of depression and sadness have been defined, a coherent description of happiness remains elusive.
According to such theories, quantum mechanics is statistical because it gives an incomplete description of reality.
People are going through physical pain that's beyond description, yet you can't hear a sound.
His description of my work is beneath refutation: every single citation is ripped from its explanatory context.
So, not a good scenario at all, if you fit that description and are stuck behind that car.
This-with one hairstyle or another-has pretty much been the job description ever since.
See if you can tell whether each description applies to the movie, the hurricane, or both.
There's a joking element to his bleak description of his state of mind, but he's being serious as well.
The complexity of what makes a joke work is totally outside the reach of a moral description.
However self-justifying the description may be, it is not entirely wrong.
This, as it turns out, was an excellent description of their role in the current financial crisis.
Normally that description alone would be enough to qualify as off-putting.
It's an apt description for this precious antidote to a traffic-choked capital with too few parks.

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