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With wrenching anger and painstaking care, his book describes how graft has infected the new establishment.
So there is nothing strange about what the article describes.
Approach behavior describes what someone attracted to an object does to obtain it.
Throughout, he describes experiments or surveys that support every point.
Free will describes the behavior of conscious beings.
The verb in my sentence is is, even though the unpacked sentence describes the actions of certain thinkers.
The report describes a link between lower tuition and higher percentages of students enrolled in two-year colleges.
But, as the article describes, the college admissions market is in the midst of the inevitable transition to electronic form.
It is the only web page that describes the use of movable wooden ramps.
The evidence that survived often describes them as aloof.
Below is the link to their web site, with a copy of a portion of their page which describes the models of the missions.
Acid rain describes any form of precipitation with high levels of nitric and sulfuric acids.
Make sure the team describes how the damage took place, instead of focusing on the aftermath.
Each encounter describes a situation and the place where it occurred.
Curtis describes a progression of behavior in so-called problem coyote areas.
Have students explain how the bold words and the use of labels in the photo help them understand what the article describes.
He describes planting milkweed in a tiny city courtyard about the size of a living room one spring.
The large intestine, in its course, describes an arch which surrounds the convolutions of the small intestine.
He had little schooling, and he describes his early surroundings as poor and mean.
But he was also aware that mere description is no business of the poet who describes only to communicate feeling.
It describes a purely psychological process, which could better be characterized by terming it localized.
But that describes no more than a sixth of the total college population.
And that's probably because he still describes himself as an actor.
She says the role of elected officials is to show their support for this movement she describes as organic.
Oz has had several programs where he describes genetic reasons for choosing one of three diet plans.
The article describes a system for using the body as an antenna to extract a signal from electrical noise in the walls of a room.
But self consistency does not mean it describes our reality.
It turns out that the same math that describes the physics of waves also describes the physics of quantum probabilities.
The first is the power law that describes the number of links to each vertex in the network.
The paper also describes for the first time a particularly aggressive subtype of the disease.
And today, one physicist describes how it could be used to create propulsion.
The military describes the current situation as a three block war.
The result is a network that reflects the geographical structure of the fault zone it describes.
It describes a coherence of intention and action, an ethic of political responsibility.
But along the way she describes a number of battles fought over the treatment of prisoners.
The condition can be treated, so if you still think this describes you, speak to a doctor.
Then came what he describes as his dark period, when he adjusted his expectations and started again.
Risk describes a situation where you have a sense of the range and likelihood of possible outcomes.
Describes how his approval has helped gain parole for prisoners serving life sentences.
Describes how the members of the band met and began writing music together.
The writer describes the bone-marrow transplantation process.
Writer describes the process by which scrap metal is shredded and sorted for sale.
Describes the life cycle of the bug and how it spreads.
Describes the torture devices in her room, and a claustrophobic coffin writer enters.
Describes the pasta water and how to clean the extremely hot pasta cooker.
Describes his subsequent risk-taking suicidal behavior.
Describes his self-made career, and how he rose from poverty.
Frost describes combing through the possessions of one patient and coming across an article from a travel magazine.
But really there is a quantum wave function that describes all the possibilities at once.
It is a fugitive within a theory called the standard model, which describes all the fundamental particles in the universe.
It describes the inherent inevitability of people towards selfish and destructive behaviour.
He describes the effect as similar to hair clogging a drain.

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Science is the language of the temporal world; love is that of the spiritual world. Man, indeed, describes ... more
It is not enough for theory to describe and analyse, it must itself be an event in the universe it describesmore
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