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Three words someone else would use to describe me are adventurous, open-minded and persistent.
We'll be able to describe what they look like and what they do.
But remembering faces is not the same as being able to describe them.
Ask students to describe what you are doing.
There is no one definition to describe entrepreneurs.
Scientists generally describe human taste perception in terms of four qualities: saltiness, sourness, sweetness and bitterness.
That being said, it's pretty difficult to describe my own art.
Although we can easily spot and describe the features that make someone wise, defining wisdom is more elusive.
There is a reason we so often steal from the French when it is time to describe food.
The term multimedia is also used to describe home entertainment.
Today, the six-month-old spends her time playing with the web camera, though the keepers describe her as shy.
It seems an odd choice of words to describe anything in this war-torn region.
Because of his close ties with the commercial world, some art critics would describe his work as kitsch.
My goal was to make the audience laugh but leave them unable to describe what it was that had made them laugh.
The object has been to indicate their place and significance in national literature and to describe their origin and character.
The whole sky looked gold, and as to the clouds, she could not properly describe their beauty.
Price wanted to describe mathematically how a genetic predisposition to altruism could evolve.
Party spokesmen refuse to describe her illness, apart from saying that she left intensive care after an operation.
All were asked to describe what they had seen twice, with no wait between the two descriptions.
The language you find to describe what you have achieved, so far, will also be useful in your future job interviews.
In my field, the qualifications you describe would not even qualify as the bare minimum.
Papers of the length you describe couldn't possibly meet that time limit.
If you are applying for research positions it might also be good to describe goals in terms of external funding for research.
Every donor is different, so listen to how they describe their wants and needs, and tailor your approach to them.
Mention those, and describe how you are modifying the approach to fit the unique needs of your situation.
The detail with which you describe your teaching philosophy will vary depending on the type of school and the wording of the ad.
Conservationists use species as a category to describe what needs protecting.
Some patients describe dizziness not as a sensation in their head, but rather as a feeling of being off-balance when walking.
It can be described in many ways or it is impossible to describe.
They periodically asked the subjects to describe themselves and their partners.
These chills are a more consistent, in-the-moment measure of pleasure than asking subjects to describe what they're feeling.
To illustrate this pathology, the authors describe several case studies.
Ten experts in science and technology describe the revolutions they see as already happening or that will in the near future.
Reality exists, and science is the best tool yet employed to discover and describe that reality.
It is typically applied to meats, cheeses, broth and other protein-heavy foods to describe their hearty nature.
All of these elements exacerbate the genetic predispositions to the conditions you describe.
Ask students to locate and describe other places in the community.
Describe the ways in which the people rely on or use the river.
Have them list words that describe some of these new things.
Ask students to describe what they know about fleas.
Describe how cats' eyes operate, and why this is central to hunting.
Describe some of the challenges that the prehistoric marine reptiles faced in the film.
Introduce them to the different ocean layers, and describe a few things about each layer.
They will look at pictures of these animals and describe the similarities and differences in their appearances.
If so, ask them to describe some of the things they already know about them.
Students should describe, on paper or aloud, the geographic features of those areas.
Have students take turns thinking of words that describe the pictures of mountain climbers they have seen.
Then ask them to describe the things they already know about piracy.
We will devote two pages of our newspaper to describe their achievements and publish their photographs.
The word monsoon refers to a climate with pronounced wet and dry months, and is also used to describe the rain of the wet season.
Some people describe the creature as a snakelike animal with a dog's head and fins on its neck.
Toasty doesn't even describe how surprisingly hot it got.
It's one of those games that is much easier to play than it is to describe.
The truffle-y sensation, the inability for anyone to describe it, the way it brings flavors in a dish together.
Lots of scientists felt they had to describe tastes using one of the four categories.
Suddenly, they had a vocabulary to describe and understand our relationship.
Self-hatred is a deeply-inexact description of the people this reader is trying to describe.
One could use cellular to describe some material that had a lot of cavities in it.
Others may describe nature, but few can describe life as she does.
Because we're not supposed to be using those terms anymore to describe our desires.
The measuring rod is inspired by the poles land surveyors use to map and describe the physical landscape.
It is hardly an evasion to describe this as an agreement to be negotiated, rather than a simple pledge.
Making meaning is never something you can't describe.
Our standard spiel is to describe our work in the region.
The word one might choose to describe this riot of enthusiasms and contradictions would be promiscuous.
It isn't really possible to describe all the places he's been.
The underground prison economy that you describe is far more extensive than people might imagine.
They tried to describe him to me, but they couldn't even say what nationality he was.
Since there is so little to look at otherwise, the players' styles and personalities come to seem important to describe.
Part of what makes the poems compelling is that they describe real people and real social conditions.
But you're not right when you describe my defensive fury as an aggressive hatred.
What is required is in some ways simple to describe: it amounts to ceasing our current behavior and doing exactly the opposite.
If his triumphs describe how the universe works, then his mistakes describe how he worked.
The standard model still doesn't describe magnets' spooky action at a distance.
He was confident it could describe the behavior of every object in the universe.
Scientists often turn metaphorical when groping for ways to describe their esoteric profession.
He realized he could describe the fly's movements and its location by measuring its distance from two perpendicular walls.
It might take us a paragraph or a book to try to describe those distinctions, because our language is not set up to describe them.
Visualizing a recording this way lets you describe the music in terms of geometric shapes instead of as a bunch of frequencies.
Physicists use the term entropy to describe how far a system is from equilibrium.
From my understanding, the goal is to avoid precisely the problems you describe.
Researchers describe progress on technology for storing energy in the form of hydrogen fuel.
The question now is how to extend the result to describe the statistical properties of other more complex animal behaviours.
When the scouts return, they perform dances that describe their findings: this is the influx of new information.
And yet, there is no other word accurate enough to describe the direction prosthetic devices are going in.
Since they also describe biological beings as a series of cycles of transformation of energy into information.
It would be wrong to describe what ensued as a seduction.
For example, economics today is largely taught using mathematical models to describe outcomes under different conditions.
Observers describe fervent, and occasionally anguished, self-examination on the part of those who fail to weep.
The user would identify himself by name and address and describe the activity for which he seeks a peer.
It's a useful prop for framing economic and political debates but doesn't describe what's actually happening across the country.
It is not merely a product of convergence, technology's latest buzz word used to describe the combining of existing technologies.
The writer who travels by boat need only conjure a storm, or describe his great relief that the weather is fine.

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