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Example sentences for descent

Long was the uphill march, long will be the downhill descent.
Nearly three miles on a well-marked trail into a steep, brushy descent.
He plummeted for a second, then pulled his cord, slowing to a nice descent toward the tiled roof.
The first movement makes heavy use of a four-note descent.
By then, the sun was beginning its descent, streams of gold reflecting off the bay.
Half the module was designed for the descent stage and the other half for takeoff and rendezvous with the orbiting command module.
The descent was steep but not perpendicular.
The incident occurred during the plane's descent, he said.
Vicious weather enveloped the mountain, and a hair-raising descent ensued.
It is the point from which we measure our descent.
It is much less prevalent in people of African descent, the scientists said.
Toward heaven's descent had sloped his westering wheel.
The second is the notion of branching evolution, implying the common descent of all species of living things.
The main one was that evolution is the result of branching descent from common origins.
Also, not only is the evidence from chromosomal comparison not problematic for evolution, but it actually supports common descent.
When a pilot reduces power for descent, the windmilling propeller is used to recharge the battery pack for the next flight.
The final descent involved skittering down the snowy hillside to get to thermal area.
Although the home buyer credit delayed their descent for a while, you can't keep an overvalued market up forever.
The monks had acquiesced in this descent into communal intolerance.
Yet there can be no question that the pace of imperial descent has quickened in modern times.
It opened partly near the end of his descent, saving his life.
Descent with modification gives him no problems, nor does natural selection.
What they describe is not a gradual descent into depression.
The recession is global: exports, production and consumption are in high-speed descent.
The descent stage has eight rocket motors on its corners.
Nor is there much risk of an imminent descent into trade retaliation.
Governments have vowed to resist a descent into protectionism.
Economists and businesspeople complain that the government was slow to respond to the economy's swift descent into recession.
She makes a controlled descent to a close safe spot where she squeezes in on her abdomen.
Plugged ears are the result of rapid changes in air pressure, particularly during descent, and are.
In the descent of our manned space program into stultified irrelevance, we're all a little bit complicit.
The euro, however, barely took a breath before continuing its slow descent.

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