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Virtually anything that caused stress disoriented them, and they quickly descended into pre-meltdown conditions.
Police cars were overturned and shops looted as the mob descended on the city's central square.
So even the killer whales born in captivity are descended from an original population that's been broken and perhaps driven mad.
But it quickly descended into a debate about what makes a song lyric bad.
Hundreds descended on the capital for the four-day festival.
From her there were directly descended one thousand two hundred persons.
Never liked chemistry anyways, a cookbook discipline descended from alchemy.
Many desert animals are nocturnal, coming out only when the brutal sun has descended to hunt.
Some of my relatives were descended from them but had to wait for the white relatives to bring them guns.
Whether hammerhead viroids are descended from replicons isn't known.
The herd is descended from a handful of animals once fenced along the south boundary of the park.
Yes, what is also interesting is that they're also, all of the common house cats are descended from one population of wild cats.
Domestic ducks and geese have all descended from native species throughout the world.
Descended from the wild vicuña, alpaca resemble a cross between a llama and a sheep.
The evidence is becoming overwhelming that humans descended from lemmings.
They are descended from animals that once lived on the land and still have features inherited from these land ancestors.
We descended from a common ancestor seven million years ago.
Three blue-collar heroes descended from naval families who became punk icons.
The plants and animals that dwell there today are descended from castaways that arrived by sea or air.
Once again, this author makes the statement that all dogs are descended from the wolf.
He then learns that in going down into the secrets of his own mind he has descended into the secrets of all minds.
It's quite distinctive, even if it doesn't posses the pointy bit that proves you're descended from a monkey.
Of the rest, one descended into mediocrity after a decent start.
Meanwhile, a security helicopter had descended and was hovering threateningly.
Sure enough, within seconds of the initial tumult, a sense of calm descended on their floor.
But when they shook the container a bit harder, the ball descended to the bottom.
The results revealed that bubble rafters descended from a bottom-dwelling snail called the wentletrap, which still exists today.
Present day plants descended from these unicellular plants that came from space.
One of the predictions of the theory is that all life is descended from one or a few ancestral species.
As they descended, the apparent foreshortening increased, until they disappeared.
Scientists are claiming that human beings are descended from apes.
She spoke roughly three or four words, then descended into several seconds of muddled gibberish.
And there were times our views descended into the partisan.
Work came to an immediate halt, and within hours a scientific swat team descended on the site to study it.

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