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It was an act of generosity and faith in the future good will of their descendants.
Descendants of the unconquered groups still live there today.
Most paleontologists now believe living birds are descendants of certain predatory dinosaurs.
And the boomers' descendants may have more cash but they are also likely to face far higher costs.
It seems the world of dinosaurs-and bird ancestors-was as diverse as that of their latter-day descendants.
But many species survived and evolved into their modern descendants.
It is unlikely that any of their descendants still live here.
The descendants of the stragglers can be seen today, out-breeding and out-warring each other.
Seen up close, the whooping crane leaves little doubt that birds are descendants of dinosaurs.
If this generation does not tackle climate change, its descendants will not think much of it.
If people cared about their descendants they wouldn't hesitate.
His descendants remain involved in the business today.
Descendants of that line became the energy centers of plant and animal cells.
His descendants had learned the lesson-the wrong one.
Both creatures belong to a lineage that has no extant descendants.
Cobol, for all its sometime popularity, does not seem to have any intellectual descendants.
Regardless, it seems to be something that either ourselves or our descendants will experience.
Animals that fail to evolve or learn effective ways to avoid predation leave no descendants.
And keep on trucking because you are the descendants of thousands of years of the best mankind could produce.
Such consanguineous pairing often resulted in weaker, more sickly descendants.
We are apparently not going to leave the slightest scrap of fossil energy sources for our descendants.
All living things today are the descendants of those who answered affirmatively.
In every generation, some individuals leave more descendants than others.
Members of the local government and descendants of the sage took turns at an altar in his honor.
The will hints at the tense relationship between her and her only descendants.
We descendants of these animals were left with vestiges of their history, including the hiccup.
Ostriches are descendants of dinosaurs, and the researchers liken ostrich movements to those of bipedal dinosaurs.
It may reach a point where our descendants will branch off into other species, and even genera.
There is a large motivation in the knowledge that our descendants will be the victims of our negligence.
Today their descendants are two of the fifteen or so major tribes in the region, each of which has special costumes.
History and their descendants may judge that they acted unjustly when they thought they were right.
And its feet, which were adapted for grasping prey, would have given its descendants the right shape for perching on branches.
Eventually their descendants became gliders, and then finally they began to flap their wings.
Today's wolves are clearly not descendants of these prehistoric ones, which must have died out completely.
Over time, their descendants evolved some of the traits that are found in all baleen whales today.
These are created from the laboratory-cultured descendants of normal body cells by activating four usually quiescent genes.
The descendants of such people, no matter where they are born, are also included.
As with other chaebol, descendants of the founder still control the business.
Today's complex derivatives are direct descendants of those early currency trades.
Henceforth the line of succession would run only through his sons and their descendants.
Over the next century and a half, his descendants flourished.
Today's bullfighters, descendants of what used to be called rodeo clowns, need to persevere.
As part of the consultation process, packets were mailed out to recognized descendants.

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