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It is impossible to derive an objective conclusion, or even hypothesis, regarding trust from a simple question.
It is arrogant to assert those who derive pride from online victories are 'wrong', 'irrational' or 'illogical'.
It may derive from “juke house,” a slang reference to bawdy house, where music was not unknown.
If we're lucky, we may derive one great benefit from this horrible experience.
All these words derive from a form of the Latin verb ''gerere,'' meaning to act or carry.
They're usually network broadcast feeds, but some derive from stadium-only feeds.
From the experience of the past we derive instructive lessons for the future.
Her step-by-step instructions and exercises derive from her 30 years experience as a teacher of writing.
You seem to derive great pleasure in overturning our basic assumptions.
It derives from the expansion of the universe.
He then estimated the distance between the two locations and multiplied by 50 to derive the circumference.
One may derive from, say, an environmental exposure and the other from an inherited gene mutation.
Economists have cited the economic benefits that individual students derive from college.
Not every course needs to be so structured for students to derive benefits from connecting learning and work.
What the new interfaces share is the ability to derive material from catalogs and combine it with other data in a modern package.
In this book you'll learn how to derive many of the important mathematical formulas atmospheric scientists use.
They derive coloring, as well as toxicity, from the food they eat.
Previously, researchers had shown that they could derive this type of stem cell from ordinary skin cells.
Trouble is, to derive these advantages the manga industry must ignore the law.
Geysers are generally found in volcanic regions and ultimately the heat will often derive from deeper magma bodies.
Other arts-particularly visual arts-can be ugly and derive much of their power from their ugliness.
They all have the same pedigree, a marked resemblance to each other, and they derive their descent from a common ancestor.
No one can derive block time without extraneous definitions.
It was him who used this argument to derive the loss of simultaneity.
The only alternative is a discontinuous universe where space and time derive from the synchronous projection of atomic matter.
In fact, a nuclear reactor can derive a significant amount of energy from such plutonium fission.
But, unless you're a genuine sociopath, it's a real feat to derive such pleasure from actually being the subject of others' wrath.
In a journal devoted to science, one would expect that the authors would derive their opinion from factual evidence.
The only geometric property he had to presume, rather than derive, was angles between lines.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive logically that this brain must be conscious.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive that this pig can't fly.
Part of their optimism seemed to derive from the fact that anarchism, as they loosely conceived it, had hardly been tried.
Crane seemed to derive energy and immense pleasure from travel.
All these activities derive from essential places in us.
Sprinters, however, derive their power from fast-twitch fibers that produce intense bursts of energy.
It sets out to derive the concepts it needs from the ground up.
It's believed that these geometric patterns derive from the optic system itself.
The amount of garbage that you derive by your game with words is exactly equal to the amount of garbage that you inserted.
And they might derive a lot of satisfaction from knowing about the world and the universe.
The correct method in economics is to study individual behavior and derive theory from the study of individuals.
They derive many of their opinions on neighbouring countries from the movies.
Surely such remarkable achievement must derive from some equally remarkable formula or insight.
Fascination may also derive from the fact that high tenor notes are somewhat freakish.
Researchers are working to create viable processes to derive biofuels from algae.
Their success does not always derive from privilege.
Individuals derive their aims and needs from the cultures they live in.
Great musical moments derive from the desire to communicate something.
Some of the nicest touches derive from stuff he notices out of the corner of his eye, on the hoof, as it were.

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