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Example sentences for deride

In one breath you deride moral decay, but in the next you highlight the worst in our society.
Politicians like to deride expensive programmes.
Any flagrant acts or remarks that deride, mock, bait or embarrass an opponent are considered taunting.
Fooling yourself into feeling better about life is easy to deride.
Critics deride such content as corny or predictable.
Some may deride baseball for being too slow in such modern times.
It is tempting to deride the bull market of the '20s as a case study in mass delusion.
Populist critics deride this train of logic as “trickle-down economics.” But it is more accurate to call it textbook economics.
At the rally, plenty of T-shirts will deride motorcycle helmet laws.
Traditional forms of communication, which some may deride as old-fashioned, will always play a central role in politics.
Advocates of space exploration, meanwhile, often deride the space station as too timid a venture.
Many observers deride the car's styling as plain and derivative.
Bush but that many energy experts deride as a permanent pipe dream.
Whether sung or played on that occasion, the tune's martial air was intended to deride the colonials.
Keen to report his findings scientifically and to help miners, the geologist sometimes had to deride local theories.

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