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Combined with worldwide deregulation, these generational changes have given the consumer more services at lower costs.
More of a case of deregulation, more pollution, milking society for all it is worth.
Our commitment is to better regulation, not deregulation for the sake of it.
So it is with the road to deregulation in the euro zone's economies.
Brave too would be any politician who proposed deregulation as a solution to a public-sector problem.
Other developing countries have also used them to experiment with deregulation.
He vowed to persist with deregulation of the oil sector.
It would also mean deregulation of service industries, whose elevated charges raise exporters' costs.
There has been deregulation, to lengthen shopping hours and to coax the long-term unemployed back into work.
In the medium term, its best policy is to press ahead with structural reforms and deregulation.
Technology, the mobility of capital and the spread of deregulation around the globe have created a vibrant and growing network.
Sure, he was talking about subjects within his comfort zone, such as deregulation and tax policy.
With increasing deregulation, many new carriers are setting up and airlines are offering more services to meet demand.
Elsewhere, ill-conceived deregulation of the power market is holding things up.
As it undermines consumers' capacity to act rationally and responsibly, it also undermines arguments for deregulation.
Moreover, other industries have experienced deregulation and survived.
Since deregulation, established airlines have expanded into many new markets and numerous new airlines have started up.
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