depth perception in a sentence

Example sentences for depth perception

Whether it be to provide better depth perception in inclement weather or at night.
The accident permanently impaired his long-distant vision and depth perception.
Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus.
And he found that there was a temporary loss of depth perception, and also a reduction of peripheral vision.
We could not have our present automotive culture without a certain minimum of depth perception.
Slightly separated from each other, the two can image events on the sun's surface simultaneously, allowing depth perception.
Altered depth perception makes tight spaces extra-sketchy.
Video game manufacturers are already pushing a technology which is known to cause eyestrain and which impairs depth perception.
It doesn't satisfy depth perception but will trick a casual glance.
The ground has turned to rubber and my depth perception is off.
Depth perception shall be sufficient to demonstrate stereopsis adequate to perform the essential tasks of the job.
Balance can be a problem, possibly because of poor depth perception, which can make it difficult to go up and downstairs.
Sheep are also considered colorblind, but do have good depth perception.
Normal depth perception and peripheral vision are required as is the ability to distinguish shades of color by plate tests.
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