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There is no controversy that the penetration depth of microwaves into the brain is a few centimeters, and that energy is absorbed.
Water depth over each shelf varies, as does the distance the shelf extends into the oceans.
Delivering the breadth, depth and quality programming of a university for more than a century.
Comparing output now with its level before the crisis actually understates the depth of the slump.
She retreated, grabbed a branch sticking out of the water, and used it to gauge the water's depth before wading deeper.
The instrument maps water movement and measures the river's depth.
Check the seed packet for recommended planting depth.
If scientists can spot the transition from one mineral to another, they can roughly infer temperature at that depth.
The price of this in destroyed jobs will not depend only on the recession's depth.
Depth and life, specifically phytoplankton, both influence the ocean's color.
For planting depth and row spacing, follow the instructions on the seed packet.
The reflected wavelength is proportional to the cavity's depth.
Delivering the breadth, depth and quality programming of a university for more than a century and a half.
Until now the region had scarcely been explored because of its remoteness and depth.
Electronic depth monitors have shown that some whale sharks descend more than a mile below the surface.
The rhubarb gives the cherries a slightly savory depth.
The depth sensor does makes facial recognition more accurate, because it can determine the three-dimensional shape of your face.
But the breadth and depth of the alleged fraud now go far beyond what was thought at the time.
Focus is key in successful macro photography, in which a shallow depth of field is inherent.
Heat and a bit of blackening gives the tomato a savory depth that's only enhanced by toasted chiles.
She hated the strange sensation of being robbed of her depth perception.
None had the opportunity to respond in depth to another candidate.
The sprouts give a touch of crunch and sweetness, the basil depth.
Unfortunately, there's no real depth beyond a few easy timing challenges.
Use the same depth and application technique as for mulching on the ground.
Delivered in stereoscope, the photos have extraordinary depth of field.
Drill deep holes, even going all the way through the block, to maximize the nesting depth.
It's really a mirror, put there to give the space a bit more light and depth.
Color depth refers to the number of colors a monitor can display.
The big bonus was the way combining a close foreground with distant objects gave a great sense of depth to the picture.
Light cues influence the brain's processing of depth.
Using the stereoscope allowed the images to merge, giving the viewer the illusion of depth.
Science only adds to our appreciation for poetic beauty and experiences of emotional depth.
The strength of recovery is typically proportionate to the depth of recession.
Although a bony fish, it lacks a swim bladder and thus has to wriggle to move forward at the same depth.
The depth of the crisis has forced governments to focus on the short term.
Ask students to work in groups of two or three and select one element of paleoanthropology to study in more depth.
The collection continued to grow in depth and in breadth.
It lacks any pretension to depth as a psychological portrait.
Blocks of shape and color-yellow trees in the foreground shadowed forest, and white mountain-give this image impact and depth.
These cavities are eight in number, and vary in size and depth according to the teeth they contain.
It corresponds with the middle part of the collateral fissure, and its size depends on the depth and direction of this fissure.
The lateral parts of the middle fossa are of considerable depth, and support the temporal lobes of the brain.
Indeed, every great image has an unfathomable oneiric depth to which the personal past adds special color.
And few programs in ecology and conservation offer any in-depth exposure to urban planning.
Not everyone you meet will have in-depth knowledge of what you've studied.
In retrospect, the enthusiastic response was unsurprising, given the depth of need.
The weight of those sands pushed the canyon floor down further, creating its extreme depth.
Expect follow-up questions addressing your work in more depth.
More important, the book also offers the first accurate and in-depth chronology of a turbulent journey from criminal to icon.
It is an encyclopedia, and does not provide in-depth critical inquiry and scholarly discussion.
Instead, it's an album of ultimate depth and movement.
And with that wide aperture comes a seriously shallow depth of field.
In general, the crowding of the market encourages shallow sensationalism, not consideration and depth.
His concerto is performed so often that its emotional depth can easily be overlooked.
In the wet season it more than doubles in area with a depth in some places of nine metres.
Now, the old work lends more depth and allure to the new.
But the price of breadth is a lack of depth that may leave curious readers frustrated.
Given the length and depth of his career, it is tempting to say that this intellectual influence is impossible to measure.
The true mark of an ambitious work is its style and depth.
If you research it, there's so much depth in each of these moments.
The photographed blooms possess an unusual balance of both depth and focus, qualities often mutually exclusive.
These sweet, fermented cloves add depth to any dish-even desserts.
It gives him shape, explains him, demarcates the upper limit of what he can imagine and the depth to which he can sink.
Sheer rhetorical facility, whatever its appeal, need not denote originality and depth of content.
The nature and depth of the financial crisis is forcing us to reconsider some of the basic tenets of financial theory.
They have no rival in the depth and breadth of their data mining.
The biggest difference of all is in the depth of field.
Those who publish in-depth stories on controversial issues face expulsion.
There may even be an endemic inability to look into the depth of his characters with more than a consummate journalist's eye.
It gives the pages depth, and the books take on a sculptural quality.
She put a clothespin on her nose and worked to bring her voice down a register, to achieve clarity and depth.
It is a method of giving a text more depth, structuring it, and letting the computer help you explore it.
The average software company does not have the breadth and depth of people to be able to cover the subject matter.
The problem appears to be attempting to harvest it at depth.
The reflected signal is lost but the absorbed energy sets up a resonating electric field at a certain depth with the plasma.
Each module is made of rows of aluminum troughs, each about the width and depth of a gutter.
It's up to the curators of these events to establish the depth and breadth of who the choose to include.
Finding such calls requires an in depth examination of the binary.
The surface level product is lower quality and is less desirable than the lower depth material extracted by new technology.
The newfound maturity of his private life has been reflected in the range and depth of his screen performances as well.
At the same time, cell phone and computer users are also expanding the depth and reach of their online activity.
But, given the scope and depth of the recession, it's also likely that any stimulus would have become a political albatross.
It's the sort of figure that grabs media headlines, but it also exaggerates the depth of the relationship.
Other animals have many different ways of judging depth, but none of them apply to jumping spiders.
So here you have a trade off between population converge and depth of the genomic survey.
Pressure at that depth keeps the gas dissolved and prevents it from leaking into the atmosphere.
We found that all of that dispersant added at depth stayed in the deepwater plumes.
The depth of that dip tells us how much of the star was blocked, and therefore the size of the planet.
Boiling point increases with depth given hydrostatic pressure.
New cameras seeing new wavelengths have brought a deeper depth and sensitivity to the interpretation.
It may be much less common for someone to branch out and learn another side in great depth, but it does happen.
Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you provide.
Maybe a third rating for the depth of thought provoked by the story.
Sometimes when depth is poorly constrained by available seismic data, the location program will set the depth at a fixed value.
Definition of depth-first search, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
That, as much as any other sign, shows the depth of the recession's effect on businesses.
As with fine wines, the final product achieves depth and flavor with maturity.
And so the hole sat for months, gradually growing in depth and diameter.
Tea can add depth of flavor to a dish, complexity or brightness.
Though a heartwarming book, it did not have much depth.
Their lack of knowledge or recall suggests a lack of depth and an absence of seriousness.
She redefined dance, with depth and artistry, and managed professional breadth.
Seismic waves, unlike radio waves, give a profile of water depth.
Savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
There are different types of freshwater marshes, determined by the depth of their waters.
It combines video and audio recording with collection of environmental data such as depth, temperature, and acceleration.
Without bifocal vision, he lacked depth perception and couldn't tell how far ahead of him horses were.
Click on a candidate's name or picture to access in-depth profiles.
Take advantage of opportunities to ask more in-depth questions.
Because there is little oxygen at this depth, the wreck had barely deteriorated.

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