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Example sentences for depriving

Viruses use iron as part of their reproductive cycle, so depriving them of it blocks their dissemination.
After school, parents shuttle their kids from activity to activity, depriving them of unstructured time alone or with friends.
Although you are not stealing, you are depriving someone else from earning a living.
Depriving students of those basics in a rush to make them critical doesn't make sense.
It slowly grows downward, over the host tree, depriving it from light and moisture.
If that is right, then they would be depriving some of the world's poorest people of desperately needed wealth.
It may also push back the launch of the new product for which a patent is sought, depriving customers of the benefits.
There is justification for depriving prisoners the right to vote.
Abstainers were told that their virtuousness was hurting commerce and depriving the country of revenue.
The economy has turned out weaker than the president expected, depriving him of hoped-for tax revenue.
Some islanders complain that these are depriving locals of good jobs.
They also tried rolling fingernail parings into their cigarettes and depriving themselves of sleep.
No one who makes a lot of money has cause to complain that the state is depriving him or her of the fruits of labor.
Depriving the immune system from naturally overcoming disease.
After the critical period, depriving one eye of input has little long-term impact on vision.
And of course, any effort to wrap grilled cheese for takeout invariably steams it, depriving it of its signature crispiness.
Simply by depriving other candidates of votes in the first contest, she could play a decisive role in culling the field.
From a biofuels research perspective, depriving algal cells of nitrogen can boost the amount of oil produced.

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