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The oxygen-deprived environment helped preserve its carcass for thousands of years, until it could yield its secrets to us.
Two boys, one privileged and one deprived, examine the true sense of fortune.
Lee took plenty of pictures in pietown of the deprived living conditions; he showed how hard it all was.
When sleep-deprived, people consume almost 300 calories a day more than when they are well-rested.
Envy grows in the deprived and in those who consider themselves deprived.
First, as noted, these dry valleys may mimic similar environments on moisture-deprived Mars and other planets.
My children are beneficiaries, and I do not consider myself to be particularly deprived.
When a cell starts getting too hot, too hungry or too oxygen-deprived, certain proteins migrate into the nucleus.
This is compounded when its week 12 and I'm sleep-deprived.
The humanities feel financially deprived in comparison to the sciences.
Many reefs have been reduced to rubble, a collapse that has deprived fish of food and shelter.
If totally deprived of shut-eye, humans ultimately perish.
This, in turn, deprived small companies of money that might have made the difference between life and bankruptcy.
The authors and the publisher were deprived of income, as potential readers found other books to buy.
Many children throughout the last few decades have been deprived of play by the automobile.
Once you have worked yourself into a caffeine-deprived frenzy, reach out your hand and try and grasp your liquid gold.
My friends are deprived of the scientific reasons behind hiccup and in spite of that they don't even believe these causes.
Unfortunately, this flies in the face of conventional wisdom that holds that insomniacs are sleep-deprived.
The hypothesis that the full moon deprived our ancestors of sleep and provoked erratic behavior seems far-fetched.
Yet they could be deprived of such an experience to learn these things if their environment denies them the opportunity.
Doctors say maybe because the diet deprived patients of possible allergens agents in food that could trigger asthma.
Nor will miracle teachers make up for the deficits of deprived homes.
We were horribly sleep-deprived that night, but didn't care a bit.
Our biggest failure is not providing children from deprived backgrounds what they need to become well educated.
But she deprived the economy of a lot of potential activity, too.
Deprived of regular income, many homeowners are falling behind with their mortgage payments.
Firms worried about future sales, low on cash and deprived of credit, may too readily fire workers without a subsidy.
Meanwhile, a century of illegality has deprived governments of much information that good policy requires.
The economy, deprived of cheap money, has begun to choke.
Labour has already been deprived of its fair share of the profits during the past decade and has seen no gain in wages.
Large sections of the country, especially in the deprived east and north, were virtually abandoned by central government.
Over-fishing is partly to blame, as it deprived the reef of its cleansing fish.
Deprived of healthy stimulation, millions of low-income kids lose a significant amount of what they learn during the school year.
He deprived his rivals of any national media attention.
The government even deprived me of the right to hold a job.
Mapping access to food in a deprived area: the development of price and availability indices.

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