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Example sentences for deprive

Don't deprive your team of an member for an overly long time.
Sluggish sales of new homes deprive the economy of strength.
In the face of mounting resistance to antibiotics, doctors seek to fool bacteria and deprive them of a critical growth factor.
In so doing we can deprive the politicians of their primary weapon — fear of the unknown.
He decided he didn't want to deprive the surgeon or patients of the chance.
Blocked arteries deprive the heart of blood and can lead to a heart attack.
If you deprive a person of food and water for days they die.
Overscheduling may deprive kids of important skills.
The main trouble with blooms is that they deprive other species of oxygen.
They argue its closure would deprive about 55 people of jobs.
They deprive low income families of the cheapest affordable omega threes available through media scare.
But anyone who wants to deprive me or my friends and family of those freedoms is my enemy.
The disappearance of glaciers may deprive many of fresh water.
The temporary lack of contact with warm water would deprive it of power.
For example, firefighters will intentionally set sections of forest aflame to deprive an approaching wildfire of kindling.
Deprive them of these jobs and the military is their only option, where they do work for idiot megalomaniacs.
But raising taxes has a cost, as it will likely deprive the economy from some future growth.
It's part of a larger effort to reform health care and ensure that cost doesn't deprive people of basic health services.
Yet he has allowed the wind off it to deprive him of his traditional faith the meaning of his life.
To reach this shed unseen would deprive his neighbors of the pleasure of turning him in to the police.
So good parents need not be selfless, or deprive themselves for their children's well-being.
But he will deprive you of it, together with your life.
Therefore hast thou been pleased to deprive me of so great a comfort and support: may thy name be for ever praised.
The devil employs all his artifices to deprive us of this seed of immortality, as the fathers style it.
Woe to us if they who could chase away our enemy be offended by our negligence, and deprive us of their visit.
It were futile to attempt to deprive it of its real meaning-Times.
The greed of politicians plotted to deprive them of even this chance.
The actual sensation is woven into the dream in order to deprive it of its reality.
The trees take too much moisture from the ground and deprive other wildlife, he says.
Cancellation could deprive some athletes of what may be their only appearance at a world meet.
Now it was certainly a touching story, and it is not my intent to deprive you of this heartwarming fancy.
Deprive the brain of testosterone at either time and you risk perturbing the sublime development of maleness.
It may be that distractions deprive the errant signals from the auditory cortex of the attention they need to cause real distress.
Scientists should run experiments in which they deprive some naive animals of whatever behavior they suspect is actually teaching.
Intellectual elitism is but one of many socially constructed value systems which deprive the world it seeks to enlighten.
Deprive economies of credit and a similar process kicks in.
Closing the station would deprive both tribes of free energy-and a lot of money.
It is mightily convenient, if you deprive your citizens of political liberties, to portray these as a bourgeois luxury.

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