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Example sentences for deprivation

The stories never blame savagery on poverty or deprivation, arguing instead that human character matters.
Then they explained it to me in words that helped me finally understand what all the rationing and deprivation had been about.
Even in the prosperous West there are still serious problems of poverty and deprivation which must be dealt with.
Their formula allows governments to look at all kinds of deprivation, not just areas related to income.
Again, this may sound rather like deprivation, but indoor trees do not need much in the way of nutrients.
High stress and prolonged sleep deprivation cause many of the same problems.
This is usually caused by longterm deprivation from empathy.
The first seven days of deprivation will be sheer misery, but stay on track.
It is news to nobody that social deprivation wreaks harm in multiple ways.
Sleep deprivation is not just about feeling tired.
The first can easily understand the deprivation of the second.
Instead, researchers have used brain imaging to study plasticity resulting from natural sensory deprivation in people.
In spite of the punishing sleep deprivation of the past week, they huddle around a coffee table talking science into the night.
The sleep deprivation, isolation, boredom made it all the more worse.
And there was much to forget: collaboration, genocide, extreme deprivation.
Nothing came out of any of it except depression, sleep-deprivation and a host of other health issues.
Study shows that sleep deprivation leads to a rewiring of the brain's emotional circuitry.
But researchers are still figuring out whether nutritional deprivation can prevent or cure some diseases-and if so, how.
In my opine one of the factors which cause violence is deprivation and being inadequate.
People suffering from sleep-deprivation are at an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, psychological problems and car crashes.
Too bad some of the careless many will have to experience deprivation to get the idea that all life is connected by a thread.
Aside from these distractions, sensory deprivation inside the chamber was absolute.
There will be pockets of success, but the vast majority on this planet are going to languish in misery and deprivation.
In diseases and under oxygen deprivation, cells in the hippocampus are often the first to die, for example.
Other potential triggers could be heat exposure, exhaustion, and sleep-deprivation.
It's a tremendously important, fundamental human deprivation.
Children coming into his school from the local system sometimes suffer exam-deprivation anxiety.
Deprivation and disorder along peace lines also makes the areas bad bets for investment.
If these two are in a cult, it has nothing to do with self-deprivation.
Recently a second mechanism, which is affected by long-term sleep deprivation, has been found.
Even if it doesn't involve direct infliction of pain, such as sleep deprivation, it is still torture.
As it turns out, her beauty is a curse, bringing even more tragedy and deprivation upon the already blighted neighborhood.
Sleep deprivation, hunger and lack of concentration can all affect memory.
Neighborhood deprivation and access to fast-food retailing: a national study.

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