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It was a stormy morning which served to add gloom and depression to their spirits.
The current global economic and financial meltdown may yet become something worse: a protracted global depression.
And whereas many measures of depression and sadness have been defined, a coherent description of happiness remains elusive.
Increasing costs of production and commerce in a time of economic near-depression is insane.
The depression of 1929 is the wrong model for the current economic crisis .
As the depression moves across the ocean, its energy grows.
She notes that this newly discovered nexus could pave the way for new treatments for depression in teen girls.
Dig a shallow depression, line it with pebbles, and keep the soil moist.
But we need to distinguish between real depression and just being bummed out.
The anterior and posterior ends of the centrum have a deep ovoid central depression and very rounded edges.
But the horrific after-effects of this extraordinary rush include severe depression and an inability to eat or sleep.
Its original purpose was not only to control floods but also to create jobs in a depression economy.
For both sexes, the probability of depression peaks around age 44.
One common mental cause of abnormal fatigue is depression— drawn-out "blues," not ordinary ups and downs of mood.
There is a depression on the glans in the position of the normal meatus.
Near its upper border there is a depression through which the two ejaculatory ducts enter the prostate.
Our national courage has been clear in times of depression and war, when defending common dangers defined our common good.
In my lifetime-in depression and in war-they have awaited our defeat.
Below, it rests in a depression on the first rib and upon the pleura.
Whether he suffered from a full-blown case of what today is called clinical depression is unknown.
Then there are people who can't sleep because of depression, and people who are depressed because they can't sleep.
In the plaza, the team also found a cross-shaped depression containing five smashed jars, an offering for water.
And if these runners are forced to stop, they can show signs of depression.
Find a low spot or depression and crouch down as low as possible, but don't lie down on the ground.
Symptoms include depression, anxiety, paranoia and trouble sleeping.
If outdoors, individuals should get out of cars and lie flat in a ditch or other depression.
Jobs that are footloose are economically predisposed, in my opinion, to wage depression.
The entire developed world plummets into recession and, quite possibly, depression.
Studies show that video games that encourage physical activity also help with depression, sense of place and relevancy.
Mania is sometimes referred to as the other extreme to depression.
There are scientists all around the world looking for the genes responsible for bipolar illness and major depression.
Maybe we've ignored some effective, alternative treatment for depression.
As his health problems were complicated by his drug habits, he sank ever deeper into depression.
When medical scientists did think about happiness, they tended to view it in the negative, as freedom from depression.
Then music could be a tool for pulling someone out of depression or calming them down.
The ceremonies help, but they don't cure the depression and everything.
But not if the event is an episode of depression, nor can it tell you what to do about it.
Graduate school is gaining a reputation as an incubator for anxiety and depression.
Older people losing their jobs experience skyrocketing rates of depression and more cardiac disease.
Trying to put yourself on a higher plane immediately is often self-destructive and results in prolonged depression.
Beware the fine line between angst and depression, and see a counselor if that is really what you need.
New research indicates that depression during pregnancy is more common than postpartum depression.
Earlier bedtimes set by parents protect against depression.
Activating certain neurons may alleviate depression.
Insomnia and depression may arise from common genes.
But it also means more blues for those prone to winter depression.
The researchers also examined information from a previous study of patients with treatment-resistant depression.
The first is that the bereaved inevitably experience intense symptoms of distress and depression.
And the symptoms could instead be indicative of chronic fatigue syndrome or depression.
Studies in mice demonstrate a role for long-lasting epigenetic modifications in such disorders as addiction and depression.
Mound the couscous on a large platter making a depression in center.
Depression-era hobos had a wider range of clothing options.
Electrically shocking the brain is often the only recourse for people suffering from severe, untreatable depression.
Researchers have used this technology effectively to teach people to control chronic pain and depression.
It would probably also delete the flashbacks and nightmares and depression which goes along with many mental illnesses.
They are the result of a temporary supply boom occurring simultaneously with a worldwide depression.
Two studies released in the past few days address the the prevalence and treatment of depression during and after pregnancy.
These lines are redolent with depression and the sense of estrangement from humanity which depression fosters.
Writer discusses the diagnosis and treatment of depression and the process by which anti-depressants are tested and approved.
He wrote no music for a year and began falling into a depression.
He was forced to take the thimble, which the doctors felt had brought on his depression and led to years of intense psychotherapy.
It is a rectangular tray on a metal base with a hand shaped depression on one side.
The indications of the disease may also appear as anxiety neurosis, depression, and other mental disorders.
Later on, it became plain that he suffered from severe depression.
Postpartum depression is a familiar rite of new parenthood.
There is little doubt that depression is bad for the heart.
But researchers soon realized it made their pill perfect for patients with depression.
Of course, they could be an expression of dejection, of depression.
Fits of depression alternated with hysterical outbursts.
Electro-convulsive therapy abated his depression, along with the last vestiges of his desire to write.
The treatment and management of depression in adults.
Learn how you can work with health providers to treat and monitor depression.
He spiraled down into a long and frightening bout with what is commonly known as depression.
Holes often occur when the dissolution of bedrock results in a surface depression that collects water.
Momentary lapses into depression are not infrequent but can be mitigated with earplugs.
The country could be thrown into a depression if they did what they needed to do.
Depression is touchy because the act of writing is an act of life and optimism.
Over the years there have been reports of his disorder-ish eating quirks, obsessive perfectionism, bouts of depression.
The industry he poured into the search jolted him out of depression.
Last year, this caused him to sink into a depression that included thoughts of suicide.
Great artists are more likely to suffer from manic depression than the rest of us.
Exercise can alleviate mild depression, but exactly how it does so is unclear.
Depression, for example, may be in many ways an epigenetic disease.
It can make a thumb twitch, create the illusion of a flash of light, or even treat depression.
The phenomenon, observed before only in animal experiments, is called cortical spreading depression.
Perhaps the current trends of depression and suicide among the elderly will continue.
Unlike depression and mania, which are disorders of mood, schizophrenia is a disorder of thought.
The fruits were renowned for their sweetness and for their use in treating respiratory problems and depression.
Moreover, depression's supposed fringe benefit-creativity-may be illusory.
In fact, depression is a common side effect of such surgeries in humans.
Each zooid is less than a tenth of an inch long and lives in its own tube or tiny depression, depending on the species.
Diabetes and insulin resistance may cause depression, decreased cognitive function, and harmful alterations in brain structure.

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