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To push them up artificially would merely raise unemployment, which would depress consumption and imports still further.
Most of the burden of filling these gaps will fall on the companies themselves, which will depress their profits.
The more they produce, the more they depress the price of natural gas.
And malaria can stifle foreign investment, depress tourism and hinder the movement of labor between regions.
All of these drugs are designed to depress the central nervous system in various ways to reduce pain or induce sleep.
At the indicated moment, every player must depress the button on the handle.
Others-it is feared-displace local skills and depress wages at the bottom.
The ensuing rush to protect home markets served only to depress commerce further.
The main impact of the property downturn will be to depress construction.
Rumors are part of the market and lift prices as often as depress them.
So they are arguing that a high down payment requirement would reduce housing demand and therefore further depress home values.
Dismal export prospects will also depress manufacturing investment next year.
Opulent holiday decorations and messages to buy may depress or overwhelm them, he says.
The three hardware buttons don't depress, but each provides a little buzz of tactile feedback.
Because tax increases and cuts in government spending would depress economies further, worsening unemployment.
Low temperatures have long been known to depress the body's metabolic rate.
Typically these studies find that immigration does depress unskilled natives' wages-to a small extent.
Many people fear that turbines will instantly depress the value of property nearby, even if it enriches those whose land is used.
Roads depress land values, destroy nearby residents' health, and take up space that could be used for community or commerce.
Supersized sovereign debt is likely to depress economic growth.
He does have one exceptional ability: he can detect a hot button a mile away and depress it with remarkable accuracy.
They depress the housing market, where homeowners have their equity.
But it did not in any way depress me about my own work.
For those not in the know, the way you keep a snowmobile going is to continuously depress the thumb throttle.

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