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Many writers treat devaluation and depreciation as synonymous.
Instead of allowing depreciation without any preconditions, it should be matched with production.
And it costs thousands of dollars in renovations to beat the depreciation curve.
Now the central bank is having to resist rouble depreciation.
Depreciation also reduces your basis for calculating the gain or loss on a later sale or exchange.
It is a little premature to view the pound's depreciation as heralding a market free-fall.
Depreciation periods can vary, based on the equipment involved.
Setting a value on options is tricky, but so is valuing other business expenses, such as leases or goodwill depreciation.
As unemployment rises, prices and wages are bid down, until the needed depreciation is attained.
It takes no account of the depreciation of capital goods, and so overstates the value of production.
Speed up depreciation to stimulate small businesses.
But investors used to demand a higher yield for owning an emerging market currency because of the depreciation risk.
If anybody is still interested in money as a measure, depreciation might be a pretty good proxy.
As a share owner, you are technically part-owner of a plane, and can claim depreciation on your taxes if you use it for business.
But the economy might have been expected to do better after such a big depreciation.
Everybody knows that currency depreciation expands aggregate demand.
Temporary inflation increases during episodes were, in turn, systematically related to currency depreciation or higher oil prices.
Lastly, the ratio is calculated using gross investment, ignoring depreciation.
Later when you sold one of the properties you would have to go back and determine the depreciation by property.
What you are referring to is an accelerated depreciation deduction.
It may be asked can further depreciation be afforded-Times.
He carried his head on one side, partly in modest depreciation of himself, partly in modest propitiation of everybody else.
The labor depreciation story suggests that stimulus should be tilted towards direct provision of jobs.
The disintegration of the euro isn't a handshake followed by an easy currency depreciation.
Depreciation of valuation after limousine wrecks, is mostly.
Depreciation is a loss in the value of property over the time the property is being used.
The rule is supposed to match the revenue generated by the stuff a company buys with its costs, and it is called depreciation.

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