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Example sentences for depreciate

Such investors could lose twice over: yields could rise and the dollar could depreciate.
They depreciate the minute they leave the dealer's lot, and their value continues to spiral downward as the mileage increases.
And don't forget to depreciate your music library and instruments.
Instead, the dollar, euro and yen all need to depreciate.
Think about an object that doesn't depreciate with use, but is instead improved by it.
And they must depreciate the paper value of the property over a longer peri-od.
Again, as has been said in previous posts, keep in mind that cars depreciate in price.
The idea of a currency war is that nations depreciate their currencies with the aim of boosting their share of export markets.
Companies declare their atoms on a balance sheet and depreciate them according to rigorous schedules.
But it is not stable to combine low yields, high deficits and governments that are happy to see their currencies depreciate.
Economists forget that people as well as buildings depreciate at a roughly predictable rate.
Those remedies are not available now: interest rates are already low and rich-country currencies cannot all depreciate at once.
He can depreciate the part of the home used for the office.
Then the ability to fully depreciate capital now would be a strong incentive to increased capital spending.
He added that you might also depreciate the rental property on the same form.
They will neglect to replace plant and machinery, allowing it to depreciate over time.
You'd accept that the value of your property should depreciate to zero in a small number of decades.
Investors may be mesmerised by the yuan partly because it seems only to appreciate and never to depreciate.
We have as much time as it takes for housing to depreciate back to historical affordability levels.
As currencies depreciate this will give them a stable figure to charge for their goods.
So that dollar will appreciate rather than depreciate.
Countries that offer high interest rates should be compensating investors for the risk that their currency will depreciate.
My thought concerns the general tendency of countries to want their currencies to depreciate.
Governments that depreciate their currencies will eventually have to pay a premium in terms of higher yields.
They depreciate over time, or an accident could happen, a bowl is dropped or something.

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All that stock of arguments [the skeptics] produce to depreciate our faculties, and make mankind appear ign... more
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