deprecation in a sentence

Example sentences for deprecation

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a little self-deprecation.
Self-deprecation is an essential part of her appeal, too.
Savvy, satirical and fluent in pop culture, this voice also uses self-deprecation to inoculate against criticism.
And if history is any guide, presidential self-deprecation can go a long way at this type of gig.
If nothing else, he's figured out the art of crisis management through self-deprecation, which means little in the big picture.
He presided the same way he presided over the magazine's life: with self-deprecation, sobriety and no fanfare.
There was still improvised silliness and self-deprecation.
Bonus deprecation is allowed under two federal code sections.
He applies similar self-deprecation to his painting.

Famous quotes containing the word deprecation

Adolescents swing from euphoric self-confidence and a kind of narcissistic strength in which they feel invulnerable and ... more
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