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Example sentences for depot

The team had arrived a day earlier, taking up position near a large underground depot.
However, the businesses in my college town are working to add a train stop at our old depot.
The bombs went off at two small hotels and a gas depot.
The railroad company accepted the rights and these three gentlemen gave one one hundred acres for the town and depot.
Maintenance folk no longer gather at the local depot each morning to pick up spares and a worksheet for the day.
Depot fat is useless for producing blood glucose, which is why obesity actually makes lactation more difficult.
In essence, the shelves in its shops are a highly efficiently managed depot.
It was a mistake to state that a laugh and a lip and a laid climb and a depot and a cultivator and little choosing is a point it.
German military hardware, stored in a vast depot across the street from the museum.
Some cut a piece from a leaf and drop it to the ground, while others carry the leaf fragment to a depot.

Famous quotes containing the word depot

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