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Other ongoing threats include acid rain deposition and air pollution.
This topographic pattern arises from a spatial pattern of deposition and erosion on the sand surface.
Thus there are four zones of erosion and deposition approximately parallel with the shore.
The deposition was in its fifth grueling hour.
Those are the questions the lawyers will be asking you when, if you say something, your deposition inevitably will be taken.
My friend had to attend a deposition related to this lawsuit.
The current project focuses on deposition of thin films of silicon containing materials by atomic layer deposition.
Part of the effect of vegetated floodplains was to cause the deposition of silt and clay in the alluvium valleys.
Word every email sent from your official account as you would word an answer in a deposition.
Sediment deposition and decaying plant matter can help raise a wetland's elevation, he said.
The bots are constructed using a process known as shape deposition manufacturing, a kind of rapid prototyping process.
As the reactants are used up, the rates of deposition change, resulting in variations in the thickness of the coating.
Ordinarily, photodetectors are made using a process called chemical vapor deposition.
The current method, called chemical vapor deposition, is too slow to make cheap solar cells.
My understanding is that display deposition equipment wastes lots of material during production.
The easiest way to do that would be by using a cold sintered ceramic deposition method.
In a polar region there is continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole.
But it's actually the result of millennia, maybe millions of years, of constant annual atmospheric deposition and sublimation.
Therefore a priest is verily no longer a priest after deposition.
The forbidden wishes must thank this nocturnal deposition of the censor for being able to raise their heads again.
Those who were present rent his tunic from top to bottom, which was intended for a mark of his deposition.
Atmospheric wet and dry deposition can be important contributors to total pollutant loadings in watersheds.
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