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Saving money in a safe deposit box, to avoid the taxes on transactions.
The answer for apartment dwellers who don't want to lose their deposit when vacating the place.
He kept the cash, kept a low profile and is in great need of a bank account to quietly deposit the money.
Direct deposit can be your friend in this too, as it makes it that much easier to get the money straight into savings.
Short-term bank certificates of deposit and money-market accounts still offer paltry yields.
If you currently receive your payment by direct deposit you may not use this form.
Still, rebuilding the deposit insurance fund is a delicate task.
Take a responsible saver who has paid off all her debt and places her savings in certificates of deposit.
The reasons which led to the formation of safe deposit companies are many and obvious.
Scholars would deposit their papers in the system, called.
These ants explore all possible routes in a system and deposit virtual pheromones on each route they travel.
Some bottles are attractive enough to forfeit the return deposit.
These are piped into a mixer and extruder head that can accurately deposit elaborate combinations of food.
Inflation is a growing concern, chipping away at the benefits from low-yielding deposit accounts.
College officials know that not every admitted applicant who sent a deposit will arrive on their campuses this fall.
They have also maintained adequate capital ratios and ample deposit funding.
We propose that this unique, scientifically important deposit be preserved for present and future research.
Then there is the question of where to deposit the sulfur.
Deposit insurance is a standard antidote to bank runs and is typically financed by a levy on deposit-takers.
Direct deposit usually ensures that checks are in by early morning on payday.
Scientists can use it both to deposit their laboratory riches and to make withdrawals.
The metals also deposit around the vent, creating a kind of chimney.
Other countries can deposit seeds for free and reserve the right to withdraw them upon need.
The latter drives negatively charged ions to the plate, where they deposit their excess electrons.
Crab lice can take up residence in the eyelashes, where they produce a crusty deposit and red, itchy eyes.
The frogs' lifestyle is so thoroughly arboreal that, instead of laying eggs in water, the frogs deposit their eggs in trees.
All that is needed to completely alleviate the problem is a deposit at the time of purchase.
Females make slits in the branches and deposit their eggs inside.
All manufactures require a deposit at the time of sale.
The rare appears in their name because they rarely show up in concentrated form in a mineral or deposit or vein.
But they also often deposit the seeds in prime spots: under the protective shade of other fruiting shrubs and trees.
So how would this be any different than discovering a huge new underground deposit of oil.
Wind and ocean currents sweep up this garbage and deposit it in this slow-moving gyre.
Others in the industry are taking the deposit seriously.
The capability also included being able to hover and deposit a two-gram payload with high precision.
Other countries can deposit seeds without charge and reserve the right to withdraw them upon need.
And a large chunk of lending to firms earlier in the year has been parked in deposit accounts.
Instead, they deposit eggs on the ground, in a hollow tree or even in an abandoned barn.
Glaciers eventually deposit their loads of rock, dirt, and gravel.
One would deposit mail in the mail box and anyone who could deliver it would pick it up.
We can deposit payments directly into your gravitational field.
Transport your metals to the recycling facility and deposit them in the appropriate bins.
Those you can take to another letterbox and deposit there.
The currents then deposit me next to a giant frogfish.
He wanted the artist to change it or return his deposit.
Given a flat space time, deposit a swimmer which produces it's own gravitational distortion.
Using a spoon, deposit dollops on tuna on the dried seaweed.
No, he'd mailed the phone company a bank deposit slip instead.
In other words, an ant's tendency to turn towards a pheromone deposit is related in a non-linear fashion to the concentration.
Finally, they deposit a layer of the biocompatible polymer chitosan on top of the platelets.
Some particles will deposit more energy and different types than others.
Changes in the legal deposit legislation are necessary to allow exceptions for memory organizations to archive video games.
If the offer is not accepted, the purchaser is not obligated to do anything and the deposit would be returned.
Lenders now require first-time buyers to put up a bigger deposit than was customary during the boom.
And finally that subsidiaries face deposit runs or are unable to borrow.
Regulators want to encourage more long-term funding and deposit-taking.
Some thought that physical gold would be a lot safer than a deposit in an insolvent bank.
But all of these firms are subject to restrictions on their branch expansion, loan-to-deposit ratios and local-currency business.
The quid pro quo for deposit insurance-itself absolutely necessary, they say, to guard against runs-is careful supervision.
So would encouraging researchers to deposit their raw data into a central database when they publish a paper based on it.
But instead of selling them to private investors, it lodges them with the central bank in exchange for a deposit.
Offer the hotel manager a cash deposit covering several nights' stay.
At the kiosks, customers can deposit cash and checks to increase the value of the cards.
If you don't trust a bank safe-deposit box, you have to keep it at home and protect it against robbers.
The hotel highlights include a business center, guest laundry and safe deposit box.
Savers rejoice: rates on bank certificates of deposit and similar investments may start to rise faster than inflation.
The prospective home buyer who makes an unrecoverable deposit guarantees that her promise to buy the house is credible.
Others can receive a certificate by mail that they can take to the bank of their choice and deposit.
The security deposit is monies paid by or for the tenant.
When calculating deposit insurance coverage, the designation of trustees, co-trustees and successor trustees is not relevant.

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