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Example sentences for deportment

Even the staff are meant to blend harmoniously into the surroundings-they are all trained in personal grooming and deportment.
Day's deportment when she's riled-her executive-battlefield forward charge, her double takes of disbelief-is a comic revelation.
His children would rather watch television than heed his commands on deportment, and even the dog no longer takes him seriously.
One day in primary school, a report card arrived with a poor grade in deportment.
Parents must give good example and reverent deportment in the face of their children.
Such was the gravity of his countenance and the edifying modesty of his deportment, that he seemed to preach by every action.
His whole deportment showed how much he was master of himself.
No enmity seemed able to withstand the spirit of meekness and charity which his words and whole deportment breathed.
And the movie echoes its director's own deportment as an actor, alternating silky smoothness with burlap coarseness.

Famous quotes containing the word deportment

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