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In addition, it eliminates the right to apply for a waiver of deportation.
The program has been in jeopardy because of economic sanctions, raising concerns about the possible deportation of the students.
But so far bison have been reprieved from deportation.
From her family's deportation to her liberation, the entire ordeal only lasted a little over a year.
Chiles said the lawsuit will be filed despite the agreement on deportation.
The students now face criminal charges and deportation.
Few follow this argument to the conclusion of internment and deportation.
For some people, that uniform might remind of persecution, deportation and killing.
The reality is that illegal immigrants usually enter without papers and refuse to give their nationalities, to avoid deportation.
Refusal to enter and complete this program is grounds for deportation.
The fear of deportation makes illegal workers accept worse conditions, he finds.
Fear of deportation makes it impossible for them to bargain effectively.
The polygamous relationship, if revealed, could have resulted in their deportation.
He pleaded guilty, served the negotiated five-year sentence, and found himself facing deportation as a criminal alien.
He said his deportation last year was prompted by an arrest for jaywalking.

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