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They are excellent weapons for nongovernmental predators to deploy against centers of government.
Two boats will deploy side-scan sonar to survey broad areas of the seafloor.
Many of these essays deploy riskily mellifluous language; they all ring personal, fervent and true.
The next step is to deploy the practice nationally.
Most of the proposed technologies are not only controversial but also expensive, slow and complicated to deploy.
We've brought underwater microphones to deploy over the side of the boat.
This compelled the enemy to deploy over a vast extent of wooded and broken country, and made his progress slow.
In a rollover, pyrotechnic roll bars and curtain-style air bags deploy instantly.
He pursued me with all the considerable wit and charm he could deploy.
It cannot, however, force banks to deploy additional reserves as new loans.
To compensate, controllers reprogrammed the parachute to deploy earlier.
Carter's organization is not the only one to deploy this latest armament in the mosquito wars.
He told me he wants to deploy the army to protect the country's nature preserves.
Plus, libraries must deploy usable interfaces that allow scholars to know when and how they can access each version.
Second, they are guides to how to masterfully deploy understatement in pursuit of larger-than-life characters.
But that's a far cry from the sophisticated moral concepts that humans deploy.
The project would deploy a series of giant hinged flaps at the entrances to the lagoon.
But there was never any doubt that he would eventually deploy it.
Jets could deploy off-base completely, or to sites on the periphery, taking off from taxiways and roads.
He answered my questions about how to strategize and deploy sustainable permaculture solutions across the country.
But that's changing in a hurry as enterprises increasingly deploy the software.
Then, have that drone deploy several smaller surveillance drones that glide to the ground and collect data.
The robots' moderate weight enables military personnel to easily transport and deploy the devices in the field.
One great advantage of robots is their ability to deploy in places that would put people at risk of life and limb.
The reason for rotation of the e-sail is to deploy and keep the wires in an extended form.
The central problem with missile defense systems is that decoys are always cheaper to deploy than interceptors.
Burned away, the heat shield will jettison and the parachute will deploy.
If they start to deploy that in mergers and securities markets, the industry will benefit.
Having incurred smaller losses than rivals, it is still prepared to deploy risk capital where others fear to tread.
Above all, the aim will be to see how to deploy innovation as a way of re-inventing the company.
Trade access is not a precise enough weapon to deploy for other goals.
Then, sometimes as late as a second or two before impact, you should find the cord to deploy your parachute.
Many pro-globalisation books are so badly argued, so keen to deploy anecdote not evidence, that they discredit their cause.
It can, however, buy humanity time to further develop and deploy alternative-energy technologies.
It's one thing to deploy the socialist charge as a rallying cry.
These comparisons are notoriously tricky to deploy in an ethically scrupulous way.
The researchers needed to figure out how to transport and deploy the little guys.
It's a thorough and unnerving survey of what it might mean for the intelligence service to deploy different kinds of robots.
But it can burn campaigns that are too eager to deploy it.
The pilot directs the boats' crews as they deploy a purse seine, a gigantic net.
Without an existing set of genes to deploy against such an antibiotic, resistance would be much more difficult to evolve.
There are many more words one could deploy to describe the worlds unknown under the sea.
Rather, it is a complex, ever-changing strategy mammal brains deploy in order to cope with danger.
Which brings us to tourism as an important economic argument enviros can deploy.
The swarming software allows the robots to deploy efficiently.
In ground beetles it is usually the adults who deploy all sort of chemical defenses.
Plus, you'd still have to drill down with hot water to deploy your instruments.
They are suppose to be ready to deploy with only a minutes notice.
But to be able to deploy such a system safely will take some work, he says.
Bing does, however, deploy some interesting tricks in a few key areas.
Maybe it's too much to ask for a code-once deploy-everywhere future.
In addition to the pipe tethered to the balloon, airplanes and rockets could be used to deploy the particles.
And such a mission ought to be relatively cheap and relatively easy to deploy.
They deploy upward of a hundred tables, based on mathematics many readers will have to take on faith.
Metaphor failed to do anything but make one feel that those keen to deploy it had not been watching enough television.
He also doubts that terror groups could successfully deploy the newer anti-aircraft missiles.
The food bank or whatever can deploy the money efficiently and economically to buy the food that is best for its clientele.

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