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Increases in skin cancer cases have been recorded in parallel with ozone depletion.
Depletion of large predatory fish disrupts food chain.
Both areas have lost species because of the depletion of the water supply and agricultural expansion.
That, along with fraud carried out by some doctors, has contributed to the depletion of the insurance fund.
Human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gases into the stratosphere cause ozone depletion.
Unless much of it is released in forms available to subsequent crops, recycling at best slows depletion by a fourth.
The depletion of rainforests is being blamed for the increasingly rapid rate at which the world is losing species.
Learn about the status of global marine fish stocks and which areas of the world are at risk of stock depletion.
There is such a thing as maternal depletion syndrome.
How delightfully easy it is to dismiss the pollution and resource depletion issues of an ever-rising human population.
Inadequate wastewater treatment and groundwater depletion have led to a national water crisis.
Then there's the potential depletion of seafood which now a critical source of protean for much of the world's population.
Your task is to create an advertising campaign suggesting things that you and your friends can do to prevent ozone depletion.
All these activities have important environmental effects and resource depletion effects as well as dietary ones.
Groundwater depletion caused by nearby farms and cities threatens to dry out the turtle's habitat.
So nuclear energy is no solution to the forthcoming energy depletion crisis.
Stress that actions by employees can make a difference in the depletion of scarce national resources.
Why, exactly, planets would cause lithium depletion remains unknown.
At the heart of the climate change crises is the effect on human life and depletion of basic human rights and security.
Locals blame the river's depletion on the lack of rain.
Even if the depletion of natural resources were not problematic, the act of depletion can wreak havoc on the environment.
Joye said, so oxygen depletion could persist there for years as a result of the spill.
The space was constructed of materials that are almost all sustainable, meaning that they are not at risk of depletion.
Many papers have been written and conferences held on the oil depletion and oil peak issues.
Alas, the wasteful depletion of such good will is still puzzling.
They are exceptionally vulnerable to overfishing and slow to recover from depletion.
Oil and coal will be gone in a few years, and that will stop depletion of oxygen.
He said it remains unclear whether the lower reading is due to well depletion or leakage into the seafloor.
If this is correct, it will be an astonishingly rapid depletion of a huge fiscal reserve.
Some of the resource depletion is visible from outer space.
But that is only one symptom of the depletion of menhaden.
Outmigration can't solve the problem of overpopulation, or depletion of resources, in the long run.
Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities.
We are on the clock with impending fossil fuel depletion and climate change.
Depletion technically occurs whenever people consume the resource.
There is a poor understanding of resource depletion and the inevitable consequences that will come with it.
Extinction of species and depletion of life forms is not new to this planet.
It is not clear what causes total insulin depletion in these patients.
To take another example, there are no official statistics on the depletion of the country's natural resources.
The cause of disruptive climate change, unlike ozone depletion, is tied to energy use and runs through modern society.
In their letter, the six organizations raised concerns about the effects of depletion on future oil and natural gas supply.

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