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The food stamps were exhausted, the staples from the local food pantry depleted.
She should take time to rest and relax during the day so that she is not exhausted and depleted come whoopee hour.
It's an economic drain on governments with already badly depleted budgets.
Years of budget cuts have depleted campuses and morale alike.
And especially, check out depleted uranium munitions.
Global fish populations are rapidly being depleted due to demand, loss of habitat, and unsustainable fishing practices.
Nearly one-third of fished species had already been critically depleted.
Our finances are a shambles, and my husband has depleted the retirement account he had to help pay for our moving expenses.
Finding new seams to replace depleted ones is becoming harder.
Once a particular fish stock is depleted the fishermen simply move onto another species.
Populations are quickly depleted by famine, disease, and war.
The term depleted uranium is linguistically radioactive.
Wanton printing of credit has depleted capital by misallocating it into unproductive activity.
As bacteria decompose the dead material, oxygen is depleted from bottom waters.
Depleted uranium was found in many areas, including the one pictured.
Statisticians are trying to adjust measures of national wealth for pollution and depleted resources.
Wild spaces are shrinking and wildlife populations are being depleted.
But for those longer trips-say across the outback-there will also be places to swap out depleted batteries for fresh ones.
When the algae die and decompose, the water is depleted of oxygen.
Now, stocks are so depleted that production will soon have to restart.
But without oxygen, their energy is depleted and they are powerless to remove it.
The bank's capital ratio was being steadily depleted by a torrent of bad debts.
The proximity of the corals to human settlements means their fish populations are being depleted.
He has actually restored salty depleted lands, his methods will astound you.
The battery's juice depleted quickly and was of little practical use.
Katrina has undoubtedly depleted the president's political capital.
Several years ago nutritionists raised concerns that the microwaves depleted nutrients in food.
After a few years, the land erodes and becomes depleted.
Farmers are reluctant to stop spreading manure on their land, since it replaces nutrients depleted by crops.
Populations are now so depleted that every marine turtle species is endangered, some critically.
And we've yet to figure out the physiological effects of soldiers' exposure to depleted uranium and burning jet fuel.
Depleted though bankers' confidence is, things could be worse.
Gradually woodlands were cut, wild game hunted out, and soils depleted.
Companies that have depleted their inventories will restock them.
When a resource is depleted, it will likely stay depleted everywhere.
We are rather using science and technology to exploit scarce resources, in a manner, whereby they will get depleted faster.
We had traveled across steep terrain as parched and depleted as it was remote.
Forest managers were forced to meticulously reintroduce depleted spider species and care for their webs by hand.
But all this activity would have stopped once the disks around the planets were depleted.
The alternatives to depleted wild fish stocks are often farmed versions.
It is no wonder that her depleted system causes the syndrome known as postpartum depression.
But after the huge decisions he has already taken his stock of money, troops and political capital is severely depleted.
Depleted land and water can't be restored artificially.
Consumers worldwide would benefit from consistent national policies to eliminate overfishing and rebuild all depleted populations.
The infrastructure allows drivers to switch depleted batteries for full ones in less time than refuelling with gasoline.
The dancers trundled on the stage looking soggy and depleted.
The unemployed decide that an unhurried job search is worth the extra cost of depleted savings or heavier loan repayments.
At the same time, other vital resources such as water supplies are being depleted or polluted.
Several drinks later, the bottle of vodka is seriously depleted.
Most of the world's fishing grounds are greatly depleted by over-fishing.
Depleted fish stocks can have serious repercussions on freshwater ecosystems.
Scientists warn that many shark populations could be dangerously depleted within a decade, barring bold action.
But the cost is born in depleted topsoil, polluted waters, and a host of other environmental ills.
Revenues of this tiny island have traditionally come from exports of phosphates, now significantly depleted.
And that won't happen until the stock of the first printing is depleted.
The absences have led some observers to ask whether the depleted selection was worth publishing.
It comes from the ground, and the ground is parched and depleted of nutrients.
There has been constant pressure to increase enrollment from the administration while resources have been depleted.
The peace camp, despite occasional demonstrations and displays of vitality, is depleted.
Many of the wildlife species in the park were severely depleted.
It is reasonable to expect that as raw materials become less expensive, they will be more rapidly depleted.
The right ventricle pushes oxygen-depleted blood out of the heart so it can be re-oxygenated in the lungs.
Of course, if no one contributes, the ozone layer would be heavily depleted.
Foods grown on depleted soils lack essential nutrients.
Caught later, during its voyage upstream, the fish's color will be off and the fat stores depleted.
The severely depleted fish stocks have begun to recover.
Physically, the experience only further depleted my self-esteem.
Each of these plug-in hybrids operates differently when the battery is charged versus when it is largely depleted.
But they can't store much energy so their stored electricity is depleted in a matter of seconds.
Enrichment can be used to turn depleted uranium into usable fuel.
The gasoline-powered engine would only kick in for long trips, after the batteries were depleted.
But once the capsules are depleted, the material can no longer mend itself.
In some areas, coastal aquifers are depleted of water before they can refill naturally, leading to the intrusion of seawater.
Drive in and a simple robot takes out your car's depleted battery and inserts a charged one, and you're quickly on your way again.
Precisely because hydrogen is a carrier rather than strictly a fuel, therefore not depleted by use, is what makes it so valuable.
As a weapon it doesn't leave chemical vapors, or need depleted uranium.
Twenty-four percent of the world's marine fisheries are over-extended, depleted, or recovering.
Yes, its great that it can run on depleted uranium and yes, it's efficient but the benefits don't stop there.
Oxygen-carrying hemoglobin causes blood to appear bright red, while oxygen-depleted hemoglobin turns blood bluish.
Sated, the cell divides in two via binary fission, and the now-depleted host is left for dead.
Partially because of better drilling technologies and partially because the shallow, easy to reach production zones are depleted.
Due to the electric field in the depleted region the electron-hole pairs are swept apart.
They'll change, as some are depleted, others will be utilized.
Sure, if you want to find stars with planets, it might make sense to concentrate on stars with depleted lithium abundance.
Water changing to gas is depleted and the animal is forced to surface.
Wars over our depleted natural resources are already being waged.
The area of radiation is similarly frequency keyed and interleaved to frequency spectrum depleted uranium.
Both teams have endured injury-marred seasons with their offensive lines particularly depleted.
Be aware that there is only limited supply of money which may be depleted by the end of the cruise.
But a big part of that consists of restocking after a savage downturn that has left inventories depleted.
Risk aversion, fear of default and depleted bank capital have caused private borrowing rates to deviate sharply from policy rates.
Firms run the risk that their stock of capital is too depleted to meet even sluggish growth in demand.
Inventories have now been almost fully depleted, paving the way for a jump in production in the last four months of the year.
Nuclear power's long unpopularity has left the industry depleted, and many of those who remain are greybeards.
And once the body has depleted its carbohydrate reserves, it has no choice but to turn its full attention to fat.
As a result, the scallop population has rebounded there, while remaining severely depleted elsewhere.
When the cornea is severely damaged, though, the stem cells too are often depleted.
As their fat is depleted, the humps become floppy and flabby.
With such a bounty on scarab heads, some conservationists worry that populations could be depleted.
Over time the new sea settled into layers of brackish water, oxygen-depleted salt water, and a mix of both.
The dead zone is the result of oxygen-depleted water.
Now the world's richest deposits are fast being depleted, and new discoveries are rare.
And as the prime reserves of shale gas are depleted, the gas from remaining reserves may be more expensive to produce.
Industrial fishing has depleted ocean wildlife, some nearly to extinction.
The storehouse of financial tricks has been greatly depleted.
Park bulletins also talk of wildlife dieoffs due to changes in natural rhythms and depleted habitat.
From depleted forests to dying reefs, distress signals dot the globe.
The drug may trick cells into thinking they've been depleted of nutrients, prodding them to use proteins more efficiently.

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