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The plants and algae deplete the available oxygen supply.
Less obviously, oil producers deplete their reserves every time they pump out a barrel of oil.
The political minefield alone is enough to deplete your emotional reservoir.
In coastal ecosystems, huge dead zones can occur where algal blooms deplete oxygen.
Stratospheric aerosols could deplete the ozone layer.
The sport was quick to realise that radio and television would enhance revenues rather than deplete them.
They also helped deplete the island's natural resources at a much faster rate than previously thought, the study says.
With all of the decorations the neighborhood kids flocked to your house, but didn't manage to deplete your sugary stockpile.
They said that levels of the chemicals that deplete oxygen were rising year to year, weakening the gulf's resistance to pollution.
The purpose was to prevent a bidding war that would deplete the funds available for needy students.
Nobody knows what the world's oil reserves are or how long it will take to deplete them.
There's no way that they could deplete these snakes.
They want to deplete every last molecule of oxygen from the persons body.
Eventually they deplete their resources, lose their jobs and alienate friends or family members who cease to want to help.
If you're poor and/or sick enough to deplete your savings, you are unlikely to be able to repay the loan.
The disadvantage of this type of respirator is that it causes the filter to deplete rapidly.
Also needing review is a board's liability insurance, since legal costs not covered can swiftly deplete an operating fund.
Coffee and tea are diuretics and will deplete fluid.
Over time, however, heavy alcohol use appears to deplete the stores of dopamine and serotonin.
Regular rate tickets, though, can quickly deplete your travel budget.
As you deplete an oil field more and more, the pressure drops and it gets harder and harder to extract more oil.
If suppliers make such demands, they can deplete the retailer's cash and drain bank credit lines.

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