depilatory in a sentence

Example sentences for depilatory

In preparing hides for tanning, lime is the chief depilatory.
When the researchers removed the wing hairs using depilatory cream, the neurons no longer responded to the air puffs.
The waitresses liked to bestow advice-depilatory, pharmacological, chauvinistic.
Depilatory is a product used to remove unwanted hair.
Depilatory poisoning occurs when someone swallows this substance.
Depilatory creams can be slightly more effective than razors, but tend to be smelly.
Remove hair at the operative site only when necessary and then only by clipping or depilatory agent.
Generously apply a depilatory cream to the clipped abdomen.
The heated depilatory wax is applied to the skin for the removal of unwanted hair.
No hair removal, or hair removal with clippers or depilatory is considered appropriate.
It was also formerly used as a depilating agent by dermatologists and as a cosmetic depilatory cream.
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