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Any depiction of this new educational world certainly calls for many, many shades of gray.
Thank you for that surely ironic depiction of demonizing your political enemies.
The result is two images, which are combined to create a more precise depiction of the tissue.
Each generation holds a mirror to its own depiction of style.
The pictorial depiction and shift from pyramid to kite is indeed scary.
My husband is picky about shoes and clothes, so this may not be an accurate depiction of the shoes.
Everyone has seen a depiction of hypnosis similar to this one in movies and on television.
The mystical gun and the depiction of how it's used is wonderfully drawn.
Less than three months later, that depiction looks almost comically awry.
Despite her reputed powers of seduction, there is no reliable depiction of her face.
It is a comedy and clearly exaggerates a bit, but their depiction of science nerds rings true.
That's why finding the depiction of an extinct animal is of such importance.
Although the book is generally even-handed, overall it is a depiction of the war from the victor's perspective.
Most sheets of the first definitive depiction of an airplane on a stamp were destroyed, but a sheet of the stamps survived.
As usual, the immediate conclusion made is that somehow this depiction is racist.
Occasionally self-conscious, this is the frankest depiction yet of the pain and personal liberation the commission has wrought.
The reality of how gravity works is more likely to be far from this depiction.
E for evil character moves into the world of codification and recognition, throwing our depiction into these terms.
Brilliant depiction of economic establishment's disconnect with the reality the rest of us face.
Needless to say, this depiction of farming life also upsets real farmers.
His depiction of finance's failures is not novel, but it is well done.
Ostensibly, the film's success is rooted in its depiction of an interesting, little-known true story.
It is a wonderful depiction of the current situation.
It's easy to see why that hyperbolic depiction has taken hold.
Not presentation of technology, but in its depiction of the world.
Economist should be given a noble prize for innovations in data depiction.
The sunset is too poetic, the depiction of my grandparents is too sentimental, and so much of it has to go.
Pay special attention to the depiction of the newsstand, because it is so wonderful and bygone.
They have exhibited astounding carelessness and cruelty in their depiction of my father and my entire family.
Depiction of violence in such way as might be instructive or as might suggest imitative behavior should be avoided.

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Modern pictures banish depiction for interfering with the workings of paint.... more
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