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Beware films with protagonists depicted as vastly more sensitive than their fellow characters.
The cartoons depicted several common positive ideas and fears about computers and the information superhighway, she said.
Unfortunately they failed to check the markings on the plane depicted.
Many of the figures are depicted in a sitting position, with their hands placed on their knees.
Dinosaurs as depicted in museums, movies and art today are sleek, brightly-colored and often feathered.
The disgusting-looking blob of rubbery coal you see depicted here is, in fact, a malleable magnet.
In the genetic maps, each chromosome is depicted as a line, and the landmarks are located along it.
Such maps depicted paradise as imaginatively and confidently as they did earthly topography.
The city is depicted as one of both great wealth-with a lot of people wearing jade jewelry-and great poverty.
Depicted as a geometric shape, this pattern conforms to a donut-shaped figure known as a torus.
Early peoples trained cheetahs for hunting, and many civilizations depicted them in their art and in written records.
She is often depicted with a miniature walled town perched on her head, which is said to be the first crown.
What's important to note is that every word depicted on the slides and in the comic book was uttered at the trial.
The future is depicted as more of the same mode as now.
Thanks chiefly to this, she is often depicted as a left-wing dogmatist.
In the first, which lasted barely a year, sacred practices and ritual objects were often depicted in a representational style.
Some claim that other trims depicted astronauts jogging and searching for a replacement antenna part.
Ask students individually or as a group to create fairy tales which feature one or more wolves-not depicted as villains.
It depicted a stern-looking marshal coming into town on horseback.
Some of the scenes depicted are too much for younger readers, but this is easily avoided by reading out-loud.
They had never seen another actor so completely become the character depicted.
One of the great conceits of both the book and the movie is that the event is never actually depicted.
The life which he depicted and the scenery amid which the stories were laid were entirely new in literature.
It occurs when there is a sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head, a process depicted here in this animation.
More often than not, he's depicted inside and playing with chemicals.
The taxonomy and phylogeny favoured by these authors is depicted in the adjacent diagram.
Inns are little houses that are depicted on road tiles.
Until recently, this small fold of tissue in the middle of the brain was depicted as neatly divided into four distinct areas.
The end of civilization won't be pretty, and neither is the wasteland depicted in the comic.
Project vs energy is not as depicted in the log charts.
Neither extreme was served by the staging, which depicted the action at a cinematic remove.
Of course, this sort of thing is depicted in scifi movies a lot, and people are curious about it.
Your data as depicted above are essentially two-years old.
It was in color and illustrations depicted many tools.
Some school shooters have done drawings, animations and videos or written stories in advance that depicted brutal acts.
Eateries usually specialize in one type of food, often depicted in photographs outside.
But it was one of the few movies in which being a writer was realistically depicted.
In many movies, piety is for wimps, and the clergy are depicted as oafs and predators.

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The great silent movies revolve around the body and the personality of its owner; the great sound comedies revolve about... more
It is not love that should be depicted as blind, but self-love.... more
We regard the photograph, the picture on our wall, as the object itself (the man, landscape, and so on) depictedmore
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