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Example sentences for depict

Briefly describe and depict graphically the equipment, communications, and networks used by the system.
The illustrations depict artifacts, ceremonies, paintings and people.
Meanwhile, we depict aliens doing really weird stuff.
The average writer must depict the sadder, more saucy side of life many times or he would have no story.
The men's tattoos often depict the traditional Samoan canoe.
These board books depict city life.
The closing scene depicts a human family in a loving embrace.
We add charts that depict clearly and succinctly where you fit along the spectrum.
The watercolor paintings depict life in California from the 1930s to 1970s.
He wanted to depict parents as strong role models.
Of course, pundits are not reporters, and seek not to depict the world but to change it.
The wildlife photographs that make us ooh and aah usually depict dramatic action.
While some of the paintings in that exhibition depict the countryside near his home, others are pure fantasy.
Biographers attempted to depict the brilliance and complexity of this outsize character.
It's easy to see why artists depict readers so often.
The renderings depict square concrete horizontal tubes in a loose, vertiginous stack that is cantilevered toward the street.
Four spreads depict the same landscape during each season, with a single word or phrase in bold block-letters on each page.
Such codes show a desired outcome at the same time that they depict formal specifications.
The art itself-carved with chunks of quartz-is said to depict visions that came to the shamans in their trances.
Model makers had to pore over numerous prospective building plans to accurately depict the forward-looking cityscape.
The first picture of a planet outside our solar system may actually depict a swirl of space dust, a new study suggests.
The tiles depict two motifs: crosses and eight-petaled rosettes.
Create a bar chart or other graphic to depict casualties, property damage, or other characteristic.
His ability to depict even well-known subjects in a unique manner has separated his images from the mainstream.
Four banners show the featured pirates, and two murals depict pirate attacks.
The welfare bill is neither as objectionable as its critics depict it nor as uncontroversial as its supporters would have it.
Public portraits of the new leader depict him with white roses and a white dove.
News media depict presidencies as long-running soap operas.
They frequently depict the protesters as receiving funds from abroad in a plot to destabilize the country.
The quarters depict some aspect of a state's history, economy or culture.
The camera measures the distance to the glow ball to more accurately depict a player's movements through three-dimensional space.
They all depict existing works by the artist, as if dealing with the plastic were in itself already challenge enough.
It tries to depict the problems of relationships between people.
And the movie doesn't depict some of the book's wackier moments.
Depict overall logic design, operation, and information flow.
Depict major logic steps, operations, and information flow.
It is not intended to depict all small-scale events such as localized flooding and/or flash flooding.
Darker colors depict lower elevations while lighter colors depict higher bedrock elevations.
Depict the location of all survey monuments and reference markers.
Students will be able to use the elements of art to depict vocabulary words.
These pictures can not contain nudity, depict violence or depict illegal activity.

Famous quotes containing the word depict

Supermarkets depict abundance; boutiques exclusiveness; roadside stands authenticity.... more
I note that the Africa loves to depict the grace of reptiles.... more
The inability to listen and to depict in the countenance what others have said has spoiled many a good actr... more
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