dependencies in a sentence

Example sentences for dependencies

But at the same time there seem to be some obvious dependencies.
It has created many dependencies without a reasonable solution.
Nobody involved seems to have any chemical dependencies or self-destructive tendencies.
The financial crisis has substantially reversed the dependencies in the global economy.
People who suffer from the effects of alcohol and drug dependencies are nothing new.
Books, unlike our more complicated media, have no technological dependencies when it comes time to access their contents.
If closed formats dominate, there's another whole pile of dependencies.
It is easy to forget the physical dependencies of telecoms infrastructure.
Two consecutive decades of low and relatively stable prices is a long time to build in dependencies.
It seems probable that these relative dependencies on spillovers are related to skill levels and job types.
Dependencies are naturally subservient to the complete thought that always follows.
Accepting obligations creates expectations and dependencies.
Dependencies between instructions are the main cause.

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