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Example sentences for dependable

Must have excellent customer service and money handling skills and be dependable and reliable.
Smoky but dependable diesel-powered cars were once considered eccentric choices, but many are still on the road.
Therefore it must be strong and dependable and fitting together well at every joint.
They offer a steady stream of income which is often more dependable than taxes on timber or agricultural goods.
After all, it delivers years and years of dependable hot water with minimal effort.
Green beans are a workhorse vegetable: nothing flashy, rarely the star, but always dependable in a supporting role.
Dependable selection typical of the species add to my plant list.
Certain television oldies can be remarkably dependable goodies.
Cats are more dependable as companions and much less expensive.
Many governments lack dependable legislative majorities.
Survival in extreme temperatures, weather conditions and terrains requires dependable lighting.
Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world.
Concerned relative, dependable friend and dedicated employee and co-worker.
Yet now, his carefully cultivated image as a sober and dependable father-figure is winning many minds.
The government offered loans and land grants, foreseeing the economic upside of having a dependable transportation infrastructure.
Using such criteria, it is clear the first level witnessing will be almost dependable.
Silicon cells are easy to manufacture, dependable and efficient, but some researchers viewed them as inherently limited.
The brittle plastic feels dependable only if you're comparing it with the flimsy hinges.
Democracy is there to decide in such cases where there is no dependable expertise exists.
Always a dependable villain, and once in a while a sympathetic good guy, too.
Yet it seems to have little effect on the content: incisive, dependable and original.
The rubber outsole provides dependable grip on a variety of surfaces.
Highly dependable on the realm of shadows, it has an unpredictable character.
The effect is to make your articles less dependable because they always now include statements that don't match with events.
It provides a fair selection of useful information of dependable quality in a single place.
Their kids perceive their parents to be more available and dependable than do the children of heteros.
Duke had sadly concluded that it was not dependable.
Those two drafts have failed to produce a single dependable and effective starter either on offense or on defense.
Nuclear and geothermal are both dependable, clean and affordable energy.
The human heart, being no more dependable than a cheese soufflé, can go either way.
It built a reputation for durable and dependable products.
Intonation generally was dependable, with lapses occurring spottily late in the program.
Luckily, someone dependable is in your corner and willing to referee.
He has been a dependable scorer all season, but there has been enough time for other threats to develop.
Applicants must be dependable, punctual,and willing to work weekends.
Must be dependable, have a clean driving record, and good computer skills are mandatory.
Must be neat and clean in appearance and must be dependable.
Must have a valid driver's license and a dependable vehicle with proof of insurance.

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