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His departure inspired more resignations and realignment plans, leaving the world's largest record company nearly paralyzed.
Start reading it in the departure lounge, skip the in-flight movie, and you'll be done on landing.
His scheduled departure is part of a system cost-cutting plan that requires some small campuses to share presidents.
In fact, the departure of a boss is often a sign that a board has failed too.
However, perhaps your comment gives away the reason for your departure.
Actual value of may vary based on point of departure.
His departure came as a disappointment to nonprofit-college lobbyists but not as a surprise.
Neat animals nonetheless, certainly a fascinating departure from the giant herbivores.
She also loved that new cherry color makes this a true departure from the familiar gold rudbeckia.
The new research marks a significant departure from previous studies.
In my own judgement, any measures that involved a real departure from routine would need more evidence.
He has survived countless forecasts of his imminent departure.
The big day requires a wee-hours, headlamp-illuminated departure.
Each of the year's three previous shuttle countdowns had ended with an on-the-dot departure.
Drake decided on a departure from the usual trench-digging technology.
No thank you, sir, unless your date of departure is early and firm.
But the departure of the heroic cowboy has opened some room for gentler, more reflective voices.
Hugs and handshakes marked our reluctant departure as the last light faded from the gray and snowy sky.
And he should also be praised for the manner of his departure.
Be sure to review wildlife and bear safety tips before your departure.
Some offices are quite rigid about arrival and departure times and others more flexible.
True, you can't buy a visa online and grab it at the departure gate-but you can come close.
Since the departure of last weekend's pummeling storms, the weather has been on the city's side.
The dhow's port of departure and destination are still uncertain.
His departure induced in us all a collective sigh of relief.
But it did not stipulate the colonel's departure, the main rebel demand.
There are more subtle ways in which the departure of some skilled people may aid poorer countries.
If the opposition were to win, it would not entail a radical departure from current policies.
The door you let them in by will serve for your departure.
But the departure is still delayed, until the reins give the impatient horses the perceptible sign.
Even if they don't sue you, which they probably won't, still it won't be a pleasant departure.
Those controllers confer by radio with pilots about which predefined paths to follow for departure, ascent, descent and landing.
The fragments made a violent departure from the comet's core, producing the bright flash.
So these giant ground sloths are a bit of a departure from our typical sloth image.
Even on a popular sold-out cruise, you may find a cancellation allows you to book a spot close to the departure date.
Cruise ports are crowded places the day of a departure, with thousands of people vying to board the different vessels.
Another on-time departure found me airborne quickly.
Domestic airlines don't start releasing their discounted seats and sale tickets until three-and-a-half months before departure.
Find the arrival and departure screens for the specific airline if you are in the airport.
But the food conceit, also a departure from the norm, cranks.
He explained that he always had it with him, packed with whatever he needed, in case a sudden departure was required.
But it implies a departure from the status quo today.
Please confirm receipt of this letter, and the date of your departure.
He regrets that it required his early departure from the seminar, though.
The abruptness of this departure was never equalled in other cars of the period.
It feels odd, because hockey is quite a departure from my usual geeky hobbies.
Don't hesitate to negotiate directly with an operator, particularly when you know a trip is nearing departure and is not full.
Arrival, not departure, is the dominant theme of travel.
Not everyone is pleased by this departure from the usual cosmological thinking.
These methods would nonetheless entail a radical departure from conventional medical practice.
If one admits that the past is fake, then the furthest departure from equilibrium one must account for is now.
On the other hand, you have the problem of departure if you create an alternative historical timeline.
The new catalyst marks a radical departure from earlier attempts.
Moderating electricity use based on real-time price is a radical departure from current utility fee structure.
We quickly changed our clothes and cleaned the room for final departure, meanwhile logging our test results.
As for the plan he put forward, it is generally a good departure from his previous positions, but it is still insufficient.
But these are likely to be the same regions which encouraged their departure to the cities in the first place.
Which makes its abrupt departure, announced late last month, all the more mysterious.
Minutes after her departure, the camera catches her return.
But on this particular night, with its history-making implications, there was a departure.
Prior to his departure, navigators had prepared a stack of celestial charts for various points along his route.
The whistle blew and the train gave a jolt to signify its imminent departure.
The proposed rule outlines how voluntary departure will be handled at various stages of proceedings.

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