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Dead he is not, but departed,-for the artist never dies.
And after the service was done they put on their helms and departed, and there was great sorrow.
But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.
It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days.
Long narratives of battles and of heroic deaths were mingled with eulogies of departed heroes.
Fans in four cities miss their departed broadcast legends.
How keen the sorrow when a longtime, dear friend has departed this world.
All the yachts have departed, and the harbor looks quite deserted.
Arranged on top of the pile was approximately half of a rock collection, left there by a long-departed geology instructor.
In the end the early departed have no longer need of us.
Anyone with morality and a conscience would have long ago departed from organizations that cause other people such harm.
Hopefully you will get to the hotel room door a little bit before the interview, but after the previous candidate has departed.
He declined to take questions and promptly departed.
Other giants in the tech industry have seen their fortunes fade after iconic leaders have departed.
At any rate, there is turmoil within the group: many senior executives departed earlier this year amid cost cuts.
Few political leaders can have come to power with fewer enemies and departed with so many.
But after making their point, many of the workers departed for their home villages in distant inland provinces.
As manufacturers have departed for places with cheaper labour, the public sector has mostly taken up the slack.
Some versions of the legend say that he departed across the ocean, promising to return.
There, the living will tidy up and decorate the gravesites of departed loved ones.
Some spend the night at the mosque, others visit the cemetery to pray for the departed.
The prairie and its river bottoms are the land of deer and antelope, and bison now departed.
They ate the liver and then departed the scene, leaving the rest to the birds.
Explore your spiritual side at this celebration in honor of loved ones who have departed this world.
They did not stay for long and their boat departed near sunset.
Perennially cheerful and optimistic, he greets everyone he meets as if they were dear departed friends.
Instead, it was about currying favor with the departed, who'd been given distinct responsibilities.
Victoria, the maid who had been left by the departed tenants, appeared in the garden shaking her dustcloth.
Gramp lighting the two cigars, the late departed harem-owner resting on the ground.
The evening is spent awaiting the return of their dearly departed.
Thousands of troops have already departed, leaving dozens of trailers and buildings completely empty.
Some departed for early flights directly from the bar, while others stumbled back to their respective hotels.
Other foreigners departed too, out of frustration or fear.
We can't seem to get enough of the re-animated recently departed.
They, however, need to feed on your grief and need to believe that your departed loved ones are still there.
Then they departed-shot out, one close behind the other.
In the garden, under wooden crosses, lie cats and dogs who have departed.
She reported that she heard a popping sound and realized that the engineer had departed the station without authorization.
It told, in detail, a fabricated story that departed in major ways from what my own eyes had seen.
Many other key players on both sides have also departed, or gone back into the paneled woodwork.
He ended the night only with one more set of initials on the batting-practice cap he decorates to honor departed teammates.

Famous quotes containing the word departed

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