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Having said that, what we read is important; I won't try to deny that.
You shouldn't be able to deny teamates from a major objective.
He continues to deny that he needs help.
Both can exist and thus, it merely makes the formation of the earth more interesting but does not deny scientific evidence either.
Therefore, you must deny any accusations of imperfection.
He holds the power to deny justice, for all practical purposes, by permitting delays and by permitting costs to pile up.
Sugar executives do not deny that they lobbied hard.
Yes they can deny you tenure despite your evaluations.
He does not deny—how could he?—the sufferings and indignities of old age.
Most, of course, deny any knowledge of the nefarious charges.
Hence it would be wrong to deny these events a revolutionary status.
Mystics have retained some sense of life but deny its connection with their bodies and locate it in a hypothetical soul.
To conclude that genes create tendencies in our behavior is not to deny the virtues of cooperation, empathy, and morality.
But it is unfair to deny to the poor an option now enjoyed-though in an unregulated and dangerous form-by the well-off.
But few of us as yet are prepared to deny political toleration to those who now block such changes.
The first would accept his utilitarianism, but deny that it leads to his conclusions.
And no one can deny the superb writing throughout, the attention to detail and to language lavished on every sentence.
One may agree with the modern radical critics, who deny the historicity of almost the entire biographical tradition.
But she does not deny them the sweetness of life, either.
First off, you can't deny the technical and choreographic mastery of the execution here.
Perhaps it's more arrogant to deny one's vanity than to embrace it.
They affirm a nationality that the motherland tried its best to deny to them.
We can no longer deny that our hardest task is not to create openings, but to fill them.
He decided to do the only things he could: deny, delay, and obfuscate.

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