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So a school bus looks yellow even in shadow or dented in a way that locally changes its shade.
Repeated scientific debunking hasn't dented brainstorming's popularity.
It had been cleaned, but its side mirror was dented and chipped.
The parking lot is littered with the dented shells of cargo containers technicians have blown up.
Hailstones dented the truck and broke the windows on the trailer.
When the nurse lets his head down, the pillow is scarcely dented by the weight of it.
Now, had a fragment come down and dented my car, a call to the police would be in order.
And it was better in the preservation of it to throw away the dented pieces of the structure.
Make sure awnings are not rusted, bowed, dented or cracked.
These factors, plus an anemic overall ad market and rising newsprint costs, dented newspaper profits.
Second, demand was dented by a sudden surge in oil prices earlier this year.
Yet the ever-increasing supply of content tailored to every taste seems not to have dented the appeal of the blockbuster.
Even if true, that appears not to have dented her loyalty.
Both moves dented commercial confidence at sensitive moments.
The notion of a conventional recovery is dented, but only a bit.
But relations are unlikely to be permanently or severely dented.
The idea that the market price is the right price, however, has been badly dented.
Over the months smaller strikes have dented economic growth and led to fuel shortages and school closures.
The worry is that the global economic crisis has dented confidence in the future and intensified gloom about the present.
But last month the monarchy's benevolent image was dented.
His popularity has been dented by the battering of the island's export-dependent economy by the global slowdown.
The pursuit of volume seems to have dented the company's enviable record for reliability.
The drum that failed and other drums transported with it were weathered, corroded, and dented in various degrees.
If a can is crushed, dented or creased, closely examine it to see if it is safe to use.
Outdated, unused, or dented canisters may only be used for training purposes.
Throw out any canned good that becomes swollen, dented, or corroded.
Both propeller blades were sheared off at the hub, and the spinner is dented.
For instance, if a car is no longer running and dented, an underwriter will probably decided not to insure it.
Bends or hammers dented or twisted parts to original shape.
Do not use dented, cracked or other visibly damaged cylinders.
Mom may have warned you not to eat food from a can that's dented, swollen, or leaking.
Items that have expired dates, dented or damaged cans or open packages will be discarded.
The weight of the heavy fire engine also dented the tire rim and bent the metal step mounts.
Do not buy or eat food in cans that are swollen, dented, or damaged.
Throw out any canned goods that become swollen, dented, or corroded.

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