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The idea of greater density on college campuses almost always meets with opposition.
Various investigators have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing.
Instead, it is a measurement used by brewers to track the density of certain ingredients.
Diesel fuel is heavier, less refined, and has a higher "energy density" than gasoline.
But the sheer density of outlandish behavior and credibility-stretching hijinks can, at times, be exhausting.
These forests are largely intact because of low population density and poor accessibility.
Scanned images on the screen have a density of detail that escapes the eye on the printed page.
Ordinarily the density of the atmosphere gradually decreases.
The cholesterol in low-density lipoproteins was deemed a “marginal risk .
Adjusting the proportion of chocolate and cream changes the density of the finished product.
Tree and shrub density is high, and species are varied, with conifers increasing with altitude.
His quotations and pictures and clips and drawings and paintings give density and meaning to the blind onrush that life can be.
They had the consistency of school paste and the density of doorstops.
Sixty-some locals packed the eponymous back room to ped-lock density.
As density increases, it will sink and water with less salinity will rise to the surface.
In the atmosphere, convection occurs when the addition of heat changes the density of the air.
But it often fails to predict the changes that happen as a crowd's density increases and its movement becomes chaotic.
It has no way of adding the extra matter needed to provide the extra density.
They suffer significant losses in bone density and muscle atrophy after only six months on the space station.
Its density is presumed to indicate a metallic core, probably made mostly of iron.
Low-cost economics rely on servicing high-density, short-haul routes.
High-scoring cities tend to be mid-sized and located in developed countries with a low population density.
There is a close correlation between population density and the number of fires in a given region.
Rather, it was population density that turned out to be the key to cultural sophistication.
Pray to the battery-gods for a breakthrough in power density per buck.
Unemployment rate, population density: it's a motley crew.
It would make more sense to rehouse them in higher-density communities closer to shops and hospitals.
Finally, difficulty with using gaseous hydrogen for transport boils down to density.
Advantage is lesser energy density, but cooling is still the same problem.
The lack of immense population density there never prevented numerous frontier wars from taking place.
For example: water has a higher density and the ice cubes formed from it have a lower density and float on water.
Although little is known about dark energy, its density is expected to change slowly or not at all as the universe expands.
We know when this neutralization occurred and what the strength of the density fluctuations was then.
Scientists found increases in gray-matter density in the hippocampus-an area responsible for learning and memory.
With humans, this social density is considered more critical than geometric spatial density.
There's also a region of low-density that could be a section of the hominid's brain.
The object's incredible density makes it subject to great internal pressure.
The system's density is so great that a novice does not need any help in finding bikes.
Furthermore, these sources of energy cannot replace coal fired generation due to their variability and low power density.
The evenly dispersed particles each have several high-density coatings on them.
There isn't enough energy density in sunlight to support an industrial society.
One cannot make any broader inferences about unbound object density based on that paper, one way or the other.
The bars are thought to be the product of gravitational density waves that pull gases in toward the galaxy's center.
That's because water density changes with temperature.
The population density of humans has gone way up and so has the habitat degradation.
Create theme maps showing natural disasters, population density, and other cool stuff.
Density fluctuations in this radiation can also tell scientists much about the physical nature of space.
The air-filled sacs show up clearly in the echo images because they have a different density than the surrounding flesh and water.
The biological density in this world's largest designated marine protected area is nothing short of extraordinary.
Other inputs and fish density are also carefully limited to avoid compromising water quality or degrading the environment.
Later experiments with other species could reveal the role spine density plays in how well urchins can see.
Current theories of dark energy, for example, state that the expansion rate is dependent on the density of matter in the universe.
The trick is to use a gas with a lower density than air.
Nanotechnology efforts may provide major breakthroughs in compact, high-density energy storage.
However, these days the only filters you're likely to need are polarizers and neutral density.
The program does not account for environmental factors such as predators, population density, or changes in water temperature.
The density at which this data is stored depends on the size of the magnetic grains used for this process.
The energy density of batteries is tremendously important as an enabler of new technologies.
Recently there have been efforts to create stronger, high-performance concrete, mainly by increasing the material's density.
Increase the density of ant traffic and the platoons simply join together to form larger groups.
Since each material has a different density, they naturally remain in distinct layers, which simplifies manufacturing.
Lithium cells provide much higher energy density than the conventional nickel-metal-hydride packs currently used in hybrids.
OK, thanks for the palliative language, but the proposed density is triple the oven limit.
The battery car emperor has no clothes till they significantly improve energy storage density and reduce cost, improve lifetimes.
Aluminum is a viable candidate for an energy carrier, and aluminum batteries have a higher power density than lithium batteries.
The trend in semiconductors including image sensors is to higher density.
The problem is simply in the low energy density of plants.
Technology is here to improve energy density and pushes the limit closer to the theoretical maximum.
One set of studies sought to determine the shape of the universe by considering the density of matter in it.
When they tried to increase the density further, the atoms started clumping into molecules, effectively leaving the cloud.
Researchers have speculated that these signals might play some role in regulating population density.
In particular, the old wood shows less variation in density within growth rings, researchers say.
As sediments are subducted, silicate melt with the highest density will move down.
As the density increased, the distance between the nuclei decreased, setting off a chain reaction.
It's not the beam power that's important, it's the power density.
The impossibly dense ether has been replaced by an infinite energy density pervading the entire universe.
The particles increase the density of clouds by increasing the amount of nuclei contained within.
The honeysuckle is an indicator of deer population density.
At the singularity the density becomes infinite and the gravitational field become infinite.
Over time the information density can be seen as effectively unlimited.
The density decreases at the inner part of the beam heated region because of the outgoing shock waves in the transverse direction.
Yet it's capable of taking sharp, high-pixel density photos even from a bouncy rickshaw.
There are two ways to define the volume and/or density of a powder.

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