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The dura mater is a thick and dense inelastic membrane.
These dense coastal forests harbor a broad cross-section of wildlife species.
The dense treetop canopy plunges day into night as we enter the rain forest.
The ultra-dense remains of the galaxy's youngest supernova are full of bizarre quantum matter.
The text makes for dense reading: the spotty narrative, abrupt time shifts and herky-jerky conversation can be confusing.
Vegetables with a dense, firm texture hold up best when frozen.
Stunningly broad in conception and written in a dense, convoluted style, this work will swamp most general readers.
The fossil also has dense limb bones that would have weighed it down in water.
Charles Dickens is too dense for bedtime reading.
Spruce and hemlock form a dense green canopy above us.
Major cities appear as dense concentrations of small districts.
We love the dense crumb of this Viennese-style cake.
They're filled with a dense rubber foam, and won't collapse.
Either way, you must have a fugazzeta, a thick crust pillowed over with mozzarella and a dense tangle of onions.
And among those who agreed to try, the discussions quickly bogged down in dense terminology.
But these arguments are dense and not easily capsulized for this forum.
Yeah, he's maybe unlikely because his work is so dense.
It's easy to find solitude in parks, on country roads, or pathways through dense forests.
Five long lectures full of numbingly dense, abstraction-and-neologism-riddled prose await the reader.
Perhaps you are deliberately trying to be dense if that is the case, you have succeeded.
But then, it is a non-resonant location for anything current or intellectually dense.
Today, these dense chopped salads are making a comeback as an interesting alternative to mixed green salads.
Because apricot trees tend to form too dense a canopy, open-center training is usually recommended.
As a dwarf, it's a dense tree with large dark leaves.
Dense flower clusters on sturdy stems rise above bright green leaves.
Dense flower clusters start out blush pink, then age to rust as the weather cools.
Produces multiple trunks, which are covered with a dense mat of old leaf bases.
Egg yolk, sugar, and milk make a pleasingly dense filling for the light-as-air filo shells.
Flowers of deep crimson to pink and white in dense terminal clusters in late spring, early summer.
Deep inside the super-dense hearts of exploding stars, gravity may squash neutron particles from spheres into cubes.
They expected to see hot gas funneling from a cool red giant star into a hot, dense blue star.
Reality is dense with patterns, but these patterns are often subtle and inconsistent.
The plan was for dense mud to sink through the oil and clog the bottom of the pipe.
In fact, they're more dense than the bones of mammals of the same size.
New results challenge the view that a good night's sleep can leave behind a dense bloom of brain cells in the morning.
But in some dense regions, known as star clusters, they are much more likely to cross paths.
As hoped, the films and fibers created dense silica coatings for themselves.
Inside the retina, tucked away at the back of the eye, lies an incredibly dense tangle of interconnected neurons.
Gas giant planets, however, often do not contain a dense core of heavy elements but rather a dense core of lighter elements.
For example, they have learned that stars form in dense cloudlike features within galaxies.
These delicious little packages are dense with nutrients, an excellent source of manganese, copper and tryptophan.
Ecologists once thought that many small mammals stick to tried-and-true routes amid dense vegetation that provides good hiding.
After a quick retreat to a dense stand of trees, the grizzly got his reward for a lesson learned well: peace and quiet.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
It is later found to be a neutron star-a tiny, extremely dense star.
Its more than one million acres are filled with wildlife, dense forests, jagged peaks and alpine glaciers.
Narwhals live in the cracks of dense pack ice for much of the year.
It is also brilliantly written: dense with wry descriptions of choice observations.
When air warms near the ground, it becomes less dense and rises, taking the energy with it up into the atmosphere.
Bring protein- and nutrient-dense dry food that won't easily leak or get smashed in your bag.
Cool air over the ocean is heavier and more dense than the warm air over land.
For a balloon to rise into the air, the gas inside its envelope has to be less dense than the surrounding air.
Warm air rises because it is lighter and less dense than the cold air.
The lake is lined with resorts, which offer beautiful views of the surrounding hills and dense forests.
In both cases the rising air is cooler than the surrounding air, which means it's more dense, or heavier.
The tendency for cool, dense air to pool at the bottom of valleys also enhances valley fog.
Cruise sites are dense with information, so navigating them can take some searching.
The small-car vision of the future reflects a belief that many cities around the world will grow even more dense.
The star is a warm, dense blob of material at the core of the cloud.
Large tree with dark or blue-green foliage and a dense, narrow, conical crown of short branches spreading in close rows.
The high-pressure system-a large area of dense air-is being held in place by upper-level winds known as the jet stream.
Their size makes it difficult for them to maneuver well in dense stands of trees.
Blue stragglers are often found in dense star clusters.
The chromosphere is only one-millionth as dense as the photosphere.
Before the eruption, the dense forest cover meant there was little light and low wind speeds in the area.
Some of these markings are so dense, in fact, that they take on the look of splattered paint.
Continental crust is less dense and thicker than the surface of the deep ocean.
Breeding: dense vegetation, frequently near human habitation.
The road was a lonely one, and often led through dense forests.
Dense fog shrouds the barge on all sides, and she floats motionless on a calm.
Under that dense tangle of branches one would be out of sight of the stars.
With this third rule added, the model accurately reproduced the dynamics of dense crowds as well as those of sparser ones.
The remarkably dense network was designed to provide extremely high speeds and capacity.
Over the last four years, the price of the healthiest foods has increased at around twice the rate of energy-dense junk food.
So there will be little respite from the dense data smog, which some researchers fear may be poisonous.
The language is dense legalese, often containing double or triple negatives.
As soon as they settle the devices start communicating with each other, weaving themselves into a dense digital mesh.
Its taste is so dense, though, that it can remain in the mouth for up to half an hour after drinking.
The eggs float because their interior is less dense than the surrounding sea.
Yet their dense, academic style represents a missed opportunity, particularly for two authors with so much inside knowledge.
What makes oil special is that it is a uniquely dense and portable form of energy.
But, lacking the dense calcium salts of mineralised biological structures, it is also quite light.
They also have to compete less fiercely for resources than trees in dense forests.
The painted surface is relatively dense, and the paint evenly worked.
These leave behind a dense object known as a pulsar, which forms from the core of the exploding star.
But it takes a lot of energy to push water through the dense filters that remove unwanted salts and other molecules.
Regretfully, she opened the novel and began leafing through its dense pages at random.
Dense cities are scalable, while sprawling suburbs are not.
The contemporary video game involves a fully realized imaginary world, dense with detail and levels of complexity.
The interior is covered with dense tropical vegetation bordering a lagoon.
The sequence is almost entirely wordless, but it is framed by music, much of it dense and dissonant.
All this emanating from a dense academic article that hasn't been published or peer reviewed.
Viewed from the inside, the piece suggests a dense canopy of verdure.
He wears a dense gold watch and opal cufflinks and a slinky bracelet made of medieval crosses and diamonds.
The island's vegetation was dense and reached down to the water.
The book is an all too rare example of good, even dense, scholarship finding a way to engage the larger public.
It is possible to sum up an answer in a dozen dense sentences.
Moreover, in what he did write his keenest ideas remain entangled in a dense network of antiquarian erudition.
Its dense endnotes, testament to a vast hinterland of scholarship, are clearly laid out and easy to locate.
His truly great films are dense dramas or social comedies, alive with anger and irony.
It does not exist by day, when the alley is crowded with trucks and the dense traffic of human haulers.
The dense smoke is from fires in her uptakes, caused by a bomb that punctured them and knocked out her boilers.
In many of the dense clouds, called nebulae, new stars are born.
However, my friend argues that it's a caloric dense meal and that makes it better than my one apple.
All around this perfect colorful circle is blackness so dense it defines infinity.
They build their own storage modules, which are incredibly dense.
Cheaply manufactured, energy-dense, sugary and salty snacks now crowd our refrigerators and pantries.
The size of a sesame seed, the third gut contains a dense mush of symbiotic microbes.
These books are invariably long and dense, closely argued, and held in shape by a corset of scholarly apparatus.
The meat must be cut with filler or the loaf will be dense.
Cars make sense for suburbanites commuting into a dense big city on cheap gas and open roads.
They had been on the move since last week, and now the smell of them on the dry wind made the air rancid and dense.
The facility is a model for how multi-functional landscapes can be integrated into the dense urban fabric.
The actor recognizes the subtle moments of wit within the dense, historical text.
They also say to choose eggplants that are dense and heavy for their size to make sure it's not bitter.
Every course thereafter was breaded, and deep-fried, but so lightly and beautifully that nothing tasted greasy or dense.
Their mission: to survey the animals in a mysterious area of moist, dense forest largely unexplored by scientists.
After all, this is why dense aether theory was introduced.
Rather than letting the slag solidify to a dense solid, air can be blown during cooling off of the slag.
They also added a step to make the fibers more dense.
Ethanol offers us a clean, energy dense liquid fuel produced from local resources that already works.
Their surfaces can be made to form a dense field of molecular groups that serve as hooks for attaching other useful molecules.
If you are baking a dense, chewy cookie, you probably will mix the dough a little less.
The swarm was so dense he had to suck bees into his mouth and chew them to get any air.
Even if the cloud is on the thin side, it can still contain relatively dense and potentially destructive wisps of gas.
The crust is thicker on the far side, but it's made of less dense material than the stuff below it.
Stars form when dense gas clouds collapse under gravity.
Pulsars are the rapidly-spinning ├╝ber-dense fantastically-magnetic collapsed cores of exploded stars.
As if all laymen are too dense to make good judgments on their own.
Over millions of years, one relatively dense region of the cloud begins to collapse in on itself.
Screaming out at thousands of kilometers per second, it's been getting less dense as it grows larger, and has been fading as well.
Beneath a bowling ball's urethane shell lies a dense core of polyester infused with calcium carbonate or barium sulfate.
The ancient evidence of liquid water suggests that the planet once had a dense atmosphere, which is now long gone.
If they infect an insect cell with the engineered virus, it will make dense blocks of the protein they desire.
Much of a cochlear implant is made of platinum, a dense element that plays havoc with scans.
If it had too much matter it would cave in on itself, crushing everything into an infinitely dense speck.
To eat well, it's best to choose a mix of nutrient-dense foods every day.

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