denotation in a sentence

Example sentences for denotation

One chef simply lists each step in the flattest of language (“force the flesh loose”), a style Sennett calls “dead denotation.
When we say "free market" we don't mean the denotation of "doesn't cost anything" for that "free" part.
He wishes ``to challenge the politics of denotation and connotation'' in traditional ``heterocentric'' critical practice.
Your other suggestions again don't fit either the denotation or connotation of the statement.
Fair enough definition, but there is more to communication than denotations – connotation is sometimes even more important.
The denotation loses meaning rapidly as we stroll across the campus, and precipitously as we move to another campus.
The word has no negative denotation.
Other terms that might be of use in the conversation include imagery, connotation, and denotation.
It is inexact to term these, in the accepted denotation of the word, parks-they are reserves for recreation.
Identify use of denotation and connotation of words to draw incorrect conclusions.
In locations where flying rock may be present, additional overburden shall be ready for use and/or in place before denotation.
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