denominational in a sentence

Example sentences for denominational

Theology becomes more and more cosmopolitan, and oversteps denominational boundaries.
It really did start out with non-denominational goals.
Here are some non-denominational recipes designed to minimize stress and maximize, let's say, health.
Denominational leaders are also reaching out to their pastors to help guide their words.
The non-denominational chapel has a large white cross on the grounds that can be seen high on the hills over the city.
Hotels and resorts can arrange for a non-denominational officiant to perform the service.
Students attended daily non-denominational chapel services.
The cemetery has a non-denominational chapel that is available for services.

Famous quotes containing the word denominational

Continued pressure brought passage of a law in 1921 which (exhaustively) declared that "no atheistic, infidel, sectarian... more
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