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It took years to discover the true landscape of that word, with its night-prowling denizens and emotional quicksand.
Apparently there's a wildlife refuge near an old power plant whose denizens grow exceeding large.
The vents are both widely spaced and transient, which means their denizens live a precarious existence.
But the animal's miniscule size makes it a juicy target for the ocean's larger denizens.
The richer denizens of the world consume more of everything-from water to precious metals.
From the point of view of its own denizens it is a world of varied adventure and strange compulsion.
All other denizens of the same hallway must speak with a united voice.
It sounds wrenching: peaceful denizens of a simple land in harmony with their environment, paying for others' wastefulness.
Wood storks are tall, white denizens of freshwater or brackish wetlands and swamps.
Now a backlash against this cyber myth has begun, even among cyberspace's own denizens.
Awesome photos your close interaction with the animals bring to light the true nature of these denizens of the open sea.
Some newsroom denizens reacted with skepticism, others were flat-out hostile, and some were simply baffled.
True denizens of the borderland, they remind us that the future is uncertain and the fate of the soul is unknown.
The small denizens of the wilderness hardly took pains to move out of her path.
Cities that cease to provide choice-or which try to overcontrol their denizens-lose their spark and sometimes perish.
Each trip he marvels at the parking habits of the denizens.
In this mutation the murderers' victims tend not to be the denizens of an urban war zone.
They are among the weirdest denizens of the weird quantum subatomic world.
It is impossible for us denizens of the macro world to really picture such a state.
The resource manager must know the condition of the habitat and the impacts that may be affecting that habitat and its denizens.
Muskrat, woodchuck, and big brown bat are more secretive but common mammal denizens of this area.
The artwork should be as accurate as possible and contain as many of the known denizens of these zones.

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