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Example sentences for denim

Most of the construction consists of recycled materials, even down to the blue jean denim insulating the walls.
Later this year, she plans to introduce denim skirts and jackets.
All of the teachers used to wear these denim painted on, brightly colored jumpers.
Dress code requires a collared shirt, lack of denim and soft spikes.
Wear them with dark denim and a crisp button-down for a perfect fall ensemble.
He wore a denim shirt and blue jeans or a leather jacket and brown corduroys.
These days he wears a smart suit, rather than a denim shirt and jeans.
No amount of blue-collar denim would ever convince one otherwise.
It'll know not to guide you to that navy cashmere sweater if ripped denim is more your style.
Your father pats the top of the door, the cuff of his denim jacket flapping around his wrist, his eyes on you.
She was wearing a denim skirt and a sleeveless white shirt.
Denim to sharkskin, peacenik turned munitions supplier.
Recycle denim from old jeans into a cover for a beanbag chair.
Over a denim vest, he wore a necklace of shark teeth.
Flannel, corduroy, cotton and denim work well for quilting.
He was wearing faded jeans, a matching denim jacket, and bright-white sneakers.
He was wearing denim overalls and a cotton fishing hat with the sides pinned up.
Her blue denim shirt and khaki pants were stained with red and yellow blotches, and her long hair was also speckled with paint.
It's dressier than denim and more casual than a navy blazer.
He's dressed in faded cutoffs and a denim work shirt.
Denim is customarily woven with fine white warp threads and somewhat heavier blue weft threads.
The role of drying flax-cotton denim blends on antibacterial tendency was also tested and the results will be presented.
He was wearing blue denim jeans, a blue denim shirt, and a gold watch at the time of his disappearance.
The seat pad is a denim blue color with white restraint straps.
Appropriate attire will consist of collared shirts, denim jeans and/or slacks, and tennis shoes.
Premium denim brands are rushing into this market too.

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