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Example sentences for denigration

The verbiage devoted to the denigration of spell check could fill a dictionary.
Enthusiasm for new ideas had a corollary-the denigration of past idols.
As to your denigration of university preparation, you're completely off the wall.
We also savor the sound of the author's voice, an extraordinary blend of bitter self-denigration and sweet recollection.
Ali: tall and handsome, a magnetic figure who drew adulation and denigration alike.
The long-term effect of uncontrolled violations is a denigration of fisheries, sometimes to the point of decimation.
The connection between denigration of the self and human flourishing is complex.
These observations should in no way be construed as a denigration of the value of expertise.
We are ascending from the dark valley of denigration and rising to a new dawn for public service.
Henley also challenges the prosecution's denigration of the defense counsel in this case.
Four-way yields would have been much more efficient there and offer less denigration of safety.
Another potential risk is that that the vulnerability tool will consume high levels of bandwidth, causing performance denigration.

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Christianity as an organized religion has not always had a harmonious relationship with the family. Unlike Judaism, it k... more
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